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Please read before posting a new thread. Use the Search feature before posting!


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Since this forum is what's left of the other major muse topics, we anticipate that there will be a lot of new threads made that may have already been posted. In order to keep the forum clean and prevent redundant threads from appearing, please ensure you use the search facility to check that the thread does or doesnt exist. Searching by title will increase the chance of finding the thread you desire.


If the search facility fails, than give Google or Wikipedia a visit. Failing that ensure that your thread isn't vague or unneccesary and make sure that the thread title is clear (eg not "hmmm...", "i was wondering...") This will make searching for threads easier since you'll come up with better results when you search for the title.


If you have any further ideas on improving the state of the board, feel free to address them to a member of staff



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