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muse ipod touch case


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hi Muse

i have seen that you have made a muse iphone case is there any chance you could make a ipod touch case to fit the ipod touch (ipod touch 4)????

this could help with your publicity because people will see my the back of people's ipod's and if they don't know who you are (don't know why they wouldn't???) then they will ask and find out then they can listen to your music and buy it !!


thanks Lucy


P.S sorry it sounds a bit pushy!

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It's possible to get a plastic sticky cover that you pick the design for but I have yet to see a hard case like the one for the iPhone . I've got a muse-y ipod skin for the forth gen from a site call intoro skins. I currently have a spare Mk Ultra design one if you want it .


The chances of them making a iPod version of the case? Not sure, don't think they are the sort to make on demand

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