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Petition: Singstar and Rockband!!


Should Muse allow their songs to be available on Rock Band & Singstar?  

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  1. 1. Should Muse allow their songs to be available on Rock Band & Singstar?

    • Nah...
    • Yeh, alright...
    • Wow, great idea!!
    • Yes that would be fantastic!!
    • Epic. Idea. That would be literally the best thing ever!!

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I see that Muse now have songs available to guitar hero players, HOWEVER!!


Rockband 3 is soon coming out with pro-mode n all, menaing you can actually learn to play these songs!! so Muse, if ur listening please, PLEASE make ur epic songs available to buy download n play on Rockband!! EVERYONE would buy them n you'd make a TONNE of cash n earn new fans!! ya can't lose!!


And also on singstar, ur awesome singing voice would make ur songs the BEST on singstar, we MUST have them, please please!! hope ur listening, we need to play ur music guys!! :D



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Considering the RB forums have a 12,700+ thread dedicated to Muse, I think a lot of people would like their music on Rock Band.



Also, Rock Band 3 has playable keyboard parts!


May I bring attention to:


- Apocalypse Please

- New Born

- Starlight

- Map Of The Problematique

- Butterflies & Hurricanes

- Ruled By Secrecy

- Hoodoo

- In Your World

- Space Dementia

- Darkshines

- Megalomania

- Feeling Good

- Resistance

- United States Of Eurasia

- Sunburn

- Cave

- Soaked



I definitely think Muse's music would fit better into Rock Band 3's aesthetic. Keyboards (Check!). Harmonies (Check!). Kick ass Guitar, Bass and Drum parts worth learning (Check! Check! Check!).

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