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    Middle-aged-English language graduate. Trained classical singer (out of practice!)
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    Lyon, France.
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    Music :rock, classical, jazz,blues, metal.
    English language, British society& culture.
    Listening to british webradios,reading,walking,
    tchatting with friends.
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    Black Keys, Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Biffy Clyro,Green Day,RHCP,Coldplay,U2,Florence & the machine,Bruce Springsteen,lots more
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    Star Wars
    Lord of the rings
    Guardians of the galaxy
    others ( not restricted by genre).
  • Favourite TV Shows
    Breaking bad
    House of cards
    Sci-fi stuff...
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    All kinds of books including Fantasy and Sci-fi: (Brent Weeks, Brandon Sanderson, Pierre Pevel)
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    All official albums + live at Rome and HAARP DVD's
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    Reading and Leeds 2017
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  1. Salut! Merci d'avoir répondu.J'ai ma place aussi pour Reading. J'ai trouvé 1 Belge et 1 Italienne. On doit s'y retrouver. Peut-être qu'on fera connaissance?
  2. Hello! Are there any fans my age (50+) willing to attend Reading or Leeds this summer I've never seen the band live and would love to go but not alone. I'm French & speak fluent English . I you know anybody interested, please pass on the message. Thanks!
  3. Hello! Y -a- t'il des fans d' à peu près mon âge ( 50 + ) sur ce forum? Je cherche un(e) ou des personnes voulant aller @Reading ou Leeds cet été. Si vous êtes + jeunes et connaissez quelqu'un d'intéréssé(e) dans votre entourage please contact me! Merci.
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