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  1. Thanks. I just saw this now as I don't check these forums regularly, but I will try that. Like I said, I'm not even looking to make a profit as long as I can find an actual Muse fan to sell the tickets to. I can't stand the Stubhub secondary ticket market system. It makes my blood boil.
  2. I live in New Jersey and just got some tickets to the Pru Center show, which is much more convenient for me than Barclays center. So I'd like to sell my 4 floor tickets to the Barclays center show. I'm posting here rather than just putting them on Stubhub because I'm a huge Muse fan and would like to sell these to another Muse fan at list price, which is about 80 bucks a pop. I can't stand the ticket reselling sites that rip people off, so I'm trying to do my part here. Obviously I don't have the tickets yet, so we'd have to wait until January to do the transaction. I just thought I'd get this out there and see if I could find anyone interested. I'd want to meet in person. No mail transactions. I'm not looking to get myself ripped off, just like I don't want to rip off anyone else. First come first serve. PM me.
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