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  1. I feel we have to light fire again for 2020 summer! Who will start voting for bringing MUSE here in Greece???
  2. I just placed an order for 2 t-shirts (for me and my wife) . I live in Greece and on 23th of July, MUSE will be here after a lot of years absence. If anyone from store read this message, please help me to get them on time! I placed the delivery using courier, but I feel that still I so close to miss the date.
  3. Thank you everyone who helped a dream of many people to come true: The return of Muse in Greece! As you may know people around Greece are so excited to get this big event on summer time. Personally I'd like to ask for the original drone stage, drones included, on ejekt festival. Still we are all excited with this announcement! Thank you MUSE!
  4. Kalispera apo enan akoma Ellina MUSER. Yparxei kamia fimi oti to 2017 tha perasoun kamia volta na mas tragoudisoun? To leo giati to 2016 den paizei, toulaxiston me oti exei anakoinothei.
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