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  1. The amex thing totally screwed me over!! Luckily I had someone that could buy the tix for me Might have had a slight panic attack
  2. I wonder how far back in the queue I will be when I get there tomorrow at 3pm :LOL:
  3. Hey guys, what time are people getting to the venue for standing? I'll be on my lonesome so it would be good to have some people to hang around with! Cheers!
  4. For those wondering about the final orchestral part of the song - Its Enigma Variations by Elgar. (Variation 9, Nimrod) Cheers!
  5. I'm really liking it. If Queen were still making new music today, this is what it would sound like. Cheers!
  6. Ahh yes! I've been waiting to appear on the show for ages now. Looking forward to seeing them on it! I guess they'll be playing 'Mercy'? Cheers!
  7. I love it - shame the heavier part of the song was so short. The rest of the song could be part of a movie soundtrack or something similar, had a very large and epic feel to it. The only real let down was the over-hype it received for being known as 'Citizen Erased 2', there are some likenesses but The Globalist just feels too different.
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