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  1. Yeah, I've just compared what's currently available in album presale and fanclub presale, they're both the same.
  2. I had a look from 1pm hoping for some £50 seats closer to the stage than what I was offered earlier would become available, but it looks like much the same selection of seats as with album pre-sale, so maybe both have the same allocation. Maybe more will become available for the general sale? ETA: Also, I've noticed that Ticketmaster allow for cancellations within 24 hours of purchase, so it may be worth checking in over the next 24 hours in case anybody cancels theirs and become available again?
  3. 50 mins after emailing customer services i now have a code! thanks for the help!
  4. Have you logged in to the member's area? That's where the fan club code should be.
  5. No code for me either. *shrugs* I got them for the tour and RAH using the no purchase necessary option and used the RAH one. Haven't emailed customer services since i'd probably go for one of the cheap(er) seats and last time i was able to get one a couple days after they went on sale (or was it presale? i cant remember) , so I'm not getting too stressed about it. Maybe next time tho they could give it longer than 24hours between announcing new dates and the presale starting so that problems like this can get sorted out?
  6. It depends on whose name Twickets consider to be the "lead attendee". With the tickets from G&T, the lead booker is the name on the order (e.g. the address it's sent too), so it can be different from the name on the credit card (ETA: In other words, if you're puchasing it for someone else, you just put their name on the order). But I've no idea if Twickets uses the same rule or not, you'd need to check.
  7. IKR? I'm actually impressed with it. I've done done several of these online mad dash for tickets, this was certainly the best so far. (Apart from the bit where tickets become unavailable by the time you've selected them.)
  8. I GOT ONE!!! Choir. Not my first choice but best I could get that wasn't over £100 or disappeared as soon as I selected it. Thank you so, so, much for this, it wouldn't have occured to me to keep trying otherwise!
  9. They're gone! I can't believe it! I got through so quickly and they were all there but I hesitated for about 15 seconds while I checked something and then everytime I selected something it says there weren't enough seats, and then they were gone! ARGH! I thought normally once you get through the tickets available are held while you select one, WTF?!?! They were literally right in front of me. URGH...
  10. Thanks! Not being able to be at the front is what I was worried about, I'm not tall enough to look over other people's shoulders. Looks like I'll be splashing out a bit more cash then...
  11. Does anyone know what gallery standing would be like? I don't mean the view, I mean, would there be few enough people that I would definitely get a spot at the balustrade, or might I end up standing behind other people?
  12. I've managed to sign up. Turned out it was a firewall thing. Now to wait and buy the tickets, which I'm sure will be a calm and relaxing experience.
  13. Thanks for replying. I don't understand why it's not working for me.
  14. Anyone, please? Am I supposed to get any kind of confirmation or not? Do I even need to sign up for it when I'm on the mailing list already?
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