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  1. Drones was cool too, eerie and a bit strange maybe but definitely shows how good Matt's vocals are now. All in all I think it's a pretty solid album, and I like the way the two sides of the album contrast each other yet feel cohesive.
  2. Listening to the second half of the album for the first time now (finally lol) and I'm not seeing where all the hate came from? Sure it's different to what they usually do, but defector is awesome, revolt isn't half as bad as what you guys said it was (genuinely alright imo, I was expecting much worse) and aftermath is beautiful (although I can see the Christmas song references). Got the globalist to go now!
  3. I've just noticed, Defector and The Handler are exactly the same track length (4:33). Makes me wonder if they're kind of opposites in the way they tell the protagonists story, as though The Handler is where the protagonist experiences the darkest moment in the story before Defector where he overcomes his fears etc. Both seem like they'll pretty hard hitting rock songs, with one being upbeat and the other moody and dark. I like that they're separated by JFK, works really well imo. Idk I just think they might work well as sister songs if you like
  4. I think if they are planning to release a song a day up till release, I'll try to restrain myself to listen to each song only once when it comes out before the album, otherwise I feel its going to make listening to the album in full feel disjointed and not that exciting. So it gives me a "ah, thats familiar" rather than a "this is now boring".
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