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  1. Just to echo what I posted on Reddit (fully expecting hatred and downvotes there)... but I think Defector is the worst song on an excellent album . It just goes round and round in circles without evolving at all — it's way more repetitive than even Psycho was. And the verses are completely tuneless. The lowest lyrical and vocal point on the album is the "your belly's yellow" verse. The song's saving grace is the admittedly excellent guitar solo. It's damn good... That said, I HATE the second part of the solo (from 3:05 to 3:25); it comes completely out of nowhere and just sounds like Matt had no idea what to do with his guitar for 20 seconds. Thank god the good portion of the solo comes back at the end of the song again. So yeah, hate me if you want. I really like every other song on this album. Including Revolt. I think I'd rate every song 8/10 or above, except Psycho (7/10) and Defector (5/10). Go on then, let me have it
  2. Defector, 2nd listen — verse vocals are still weird and tuneless to me. Chorus is okay, but the verses, just... yuck :\ Revolt, though... loved it first listen, love it even more on the 2nd. Probably my 3rd or 4th favourite on the album.
  3. I dunno if you guys have read any Alastair Reynolds books, but there's one where this obsessive dude starts a religious cult where people use medication and extreme techniques to keep themselves awake and staring at the sky unblinking for literally decades on end so they can witness a weird (and unpredictable) astronomical phenomenon. It's fucked up... and it's how I feel waiting for this goddamn album
  4. It's 4:17pm in east coast Australia. At 5:30pm shops will close. Let's hope a JB (or other music store) employee gets home with a smuggled copy and rips/uploads it by, say, 7pm. That's 2 hours and 43 minutes until (maybe) leak Don't quote me on it.
  5. When I worked at a store that sold games among other things, I did dodgy (but not illegal) stuff to get games early all the time. For instance, I got Zelda Skyward Sword three days before release date: the discs came in, I preordered it for myself on the system and paid the full amount. Took the game home that night and played for 3 days before most people. Then on the actual release date (a day I was also working), I just marked my preorder as "collected" on the system. No-one hurt, no money lost, no-one the wiser, and I get to enjoy the game early
  6. All it would take is an employee to bring their laptop to work for the day, and to rip it... Or to even rip it on in-store computers (if it's a store like JB with both music/DVDs and electronics) and transfer to a USB stick. Shrink-wrapping isn't even a problem. Most big stores that sell media have their own shrink-wrap machines.
  7. What do you want from us, man? It's Tuesday afternoon here. 3:30pm. Some people got emails this morning that their albums had been shipped. They may come tomorrow, or they may not come for a few days. Nobody knows!! Aus Post sure as shit doesn't deliver that fast. There's one Australian board member who's going to a listening party tonight. Probably in 4-5 hours. Give him time to go, come home, and write up his impressions. You might hear from him in 7-8 hours. Chill, okay? We don't have any news for you.
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