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  1. I'm just gonna copypasta the text I put on Reddit a few minutes ago here: I've been given an assignment this week to make a portrait of myself against other people in the world. I decided that since I like Muse that I would base my project on them somehow. I've come up with this idea to map the world by how people from different parts of the world use a set lyrics part of Knights of Cydonia. I choose because it always gets me really hyped when I'm out running and it's always my favorite part when it's played live too. I have a jpeg the size of an A4 below. All I ask is that you fill it in what ever way you want. Color it, take a picture of it, shred it to bits. As long as I have some sort of visual of what it looks like in the end with a mention of what country you're from. I hope to get a lot of visuals. Please just send me an imgur link or something where I can download it from. I hope you guys can help me with this, I think it can only work if a lot of people add to it tl;dr Can you make your own version of attached knights of cydonia lyrics and send it back to me or on this forum. As for the A4:http://imgur.com/EVuCdeM
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