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  1. Really love what they did with the panning on the 'scratchy' part of Futurism's riff, that sounded great switching from one ear to the other.

    The much, much more audible 'just to spit it in your face' in Hyper Music is a welcome addition

    Raising that wobbly synth(?) in the mix just before the 'hopeless time to roam' part in New Born is a great little detail too. 

  2. 57 minutes ago, Jobby said:

    ^ You must’ve been dead close to me for the whole thing then! Also queued at Y (though from about 10am) and was dead centre on the b-stage barrier, amazing crowd around there that night.

    Yeah, me and my mate were on the far left queue out of the 4 or so mini queues they had going.

    Lost count of how many times they showed us on the screen during Tom Morello :LOL:

  3. What a fantastic gig. Being 17, my previous two Muse gigs were seated and, whilst I’d still rank the Drones gig’s setlist as being superior, being in standing put a whole new perspective on some songs I wouldn’t have particularly cared to see again. All the new songs translated really well, loved hearing them live (although the bass during Propaganda was probably heard from a remote island).

    Queued from around 3pm and managed to land one of the golden circle wristbands — though our given turnstile (Y) was certainly a stroke of luck, being right next to the stage (and on Matt’s side :awesome:).

    Pale Waves were alright, but Tom Morello was brilliant imo, that rendition of The Ghost Of Tom Joad has gotta be one of the best songs I’ve seen at a gig. And obviously Killing In the Name was always gonna be amazing.

    Was on (roughly) the 3rd row from the barrier and around 3 people away from the B stage, so ended up having a great view, and to not be any worse off than those who’d paid for VIP hahahahaha. Until Knights comes on and you inevitably say fuck it and dive into the mosh pit a few rows behind you. On that topic, I’d have liked to have seen a few more typical ‘pits’, but the crowd was still pretty decent, lots of bouncing throughout.

    Having only really seen clips of the Algorithm dancers and Murph prior to the gig (who was one mighty fella), some of the production I thought was mega, notably the spacemen during Break It To Me, and the STT Interstitial visuals were impressive.

    Overall just an amazing gig experience, met some great folk in the queue before the gig and in the crowd, support was great, Muse were excellent. Now just have to see what this announcement is tomorrow...

  4. Really can’t get my head round the medley. Playing any 3 of all the songs played in the medley throughout the gig would be vastly superior. Even in the event that the 3 full songs played were the longer ones to choose from, that wouldn’t even exceed 18 minutes.

  5. Hysteria could easily be retracted (just added it so the hits were a cautious over-estimate), but you don’t reckon TIRO will be played every gig (or near enough)?


    Obviously in the event that those two aren’t played every night it frees up more room for other songs to be included, which is a much more ideal scenario anyway

  6. Given that they’ll likely play most (probably all) of: PIB, TIRO, Hysteria, Starlight, SMBH, KOC, Uprising and Madness every night, with around 9 off ST (at a guess), surely that gives room for at least 2 or 3 MM/Showbiz level rarities a night, whilst also having room for the remainder of the set. Especially given that track lengths are much shorter on ST than on others albums.

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