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  1. The point in buying any JCM is that I play once a week with my band in a local or at the drummer (looouuud ), and I do a few gigs. The only problem is to work properly with the amp at home for me but well, I'll find out a compromise.
  2. I tried a modelling amp (Fender Mustang III v2), but I don't like the way it sounds with my pedalboard; for instance the twin reverb modelisation was very bad, and even other famous fender/marshall amps were not really good...And the overdrive, delay, reverb, chorus (ect.) were OK, but that wasn't really orgasmic, so I conclude that I'd rather use my FF or pedalboard than modelisation. But I think that I will choose one model from JCM2000 series if I find a good price for a second hand. When I will play at home I think that if I put my pedalboard as low as possible and the amp louder, or I will try the attenuator, as Dave said. (I just hope I can put a soundcard in line out but well, I think that it will not be possible or complicated )
  3. And in Time Is Running Out the riff (0:24 / 0:40) has also the potential for salsa.
  4. Looks great cheers! The only problem is that I'm living in a flat (with an old b*tch under me) and it seems that I can't work with headphones (or even a soundcard in line out) with this amp, no? And working at low volume with lamp amp isn't the same as working at loud volume. But well, I think I'll purchase this one if I can't find a compromise between playing and recording at home or playing very loud during a live or at the drummer.
  5. Yes that's right, pickups are the most important but well, I think that wood has also an influance, less than pickups of course but it must have a little influance. And thanks ! EDIT: @Olly. It also looks like ebony to me, and I'm pretty sure it is. Compare the MB1 and ML1 fingerboard (from Crazybobbles), you'll clearly see the difference between ebony (ML1) and the premium indian rosewood (MB1) on official Manson guitars.
  6. Hi I own a Manson Red Glitter replica (with Fernandes FSK 401 / Manson MBK II) with a Fuzz Factory and the Boss ME 50. I was wondering which amp should I buy? I have now the Fender Mustang III but I don't like the way it sounds with my boss ME 50 (because I don't really like the modelisation effects on this amp)... So what should I get? I play a lot of Muse (well, no need to say that ) and some other bands but having a good sound for Muse is the most important; I can afford an amp about 500~600€ (second hand or not, it doesn't matter). Thanks !
  7. Yes it's rosewood; I didn't choose ebony because I really enjoy warm sounds, and ebony gives more a bright sound. PS: Did I accidentaly deleted my post with all the pictures or did a moderator delete it?
  8. Yeah, MB1 & MB1S are available at Mansons, but it's not actually exactly the same as the original Red Glitter (less glitter for the MB1S / less glitter & fernandes FSK 101 instead of 401 the MB1). I saw pictures/videos from crazybobbles about his MB1 and yes it rocks but I prefer mine with more glitter . Even if I am jealous about is black glitter Manson CE 7...
  9. Nope, even at Mansons they will not do that guitar for you. Well, there's the MB1S now; it's the same as Matt Red Glitter but with less glitter, and even if you can afford it, it's very difficult to get one.
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