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  1. Dammit guys, forcing me to bump this thread after over a year of inactivity... Went to the 9 Apr 2013 show at the ACC in Toronto, my first time at a Muse gig, blew my fucking mind disclaimer: I am not a "new" fan.
  2. Я украинец и живу в Канаде, мне здесь можнo быть?
  3. Tu jestemy! Ще є хтось хто розмовляє на українській мові?
  4. "Yes Please" is totally useless. "Assassin" kinda scares me but isn't terrible. Otherwise most of their songs are really good, in my opinion. Oh and one last note, the massive editing chop at 1:11 of "Save Me" turns me off, because otherwise the song would be perfectly filled with marvellous Wolstenholme vocals
  5. For anyone interested, this is my creation. Any suggestions/ideas for new wallpapers or constructive criticism are greatly appreciated!
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