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  1. Brad actually left just after Muse started playing, didn't even stick around to watch the performance Went to some restaurant or something with Angelina Yeah was going to say this, the gig will probably be in the extras of the DVD, but thats a very long way off yet
  2. All I can say was it was absolutely awesome! Way better than expected, the proper encore at the end was very nice as well. I somehow (no idea) managed to get into the golden circle and will probably never end up being so close to them ever again, could literally touch matt and chris whilst they were performing. Was at the front infront of the drum kit and also on the catwalk barrier at the same time (some weird stage setup, think it was in the shape of a Z, i was in the top inside right corner of the 7 bit). The atmosphere was surprisingly good, and it was nice being able to hear the drums 'manually' and not through the speakers. Both my phone and camera decided not to work, which sucked. I was the guy wearing a sonisphere tshirt (don't ask), met a few boardies I believe.
  3. What sort of time are people thinking about queueing? I'm not sure if they oversold to compensate for people not turning up, guess I'll aim for 2-3 hours before hand?
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