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  1. Goes to show what a liar he is as that's taken from inside the horse guard! Was a u inside with seating and that's the seating view from VIP. Suppose he can't help being a compulsive liar unless he's now living in Horse guard parade..... I have no voice today and an achy jaw, but a big smile on my face. Did anyone get a video of madness? My iPhone ran out of battery 54 sec into it
  2. Fantastic, didn't feel like 15,000 ppl So glad I managed to go, thank for my ticket, would have been sad to miss this!! Thou am suffering bit now I'm home as had wisdom tooth out on Friday and now my jaw is aching from my singing totally worth it
  3. I'm at horse guard now and seats are all up, no stage yet thou so Don't know which side stage is. Tried to upload pic but image is too large For forum. From layout of seats it makes sense for the stage to be on the Side as supposed to the clock tower side but we shall see!!!
  4. There are so many dodgy deals. One was pretending to be selling a tshirt for £100 with ''free tickets' reported him and got taken down withing 5 min. reported over 40listings since yesterday. Some of the reoffenders try to subtly change but constantly hounding eBay works. Thou my boss will have something to say the amount of time iv spent on my iPhone..... Just so PO that ppl are selling tickets that should have been won by someone actually wanting to see muse
  5. In my dream last night muse were dressed as zombies and came out riding on horses to 'knights' was epically awesome. And when they played madness two people were running through the crowd to the stage and met on the stage just as Matt gets to the last word. Hope they do something special, know its only 30 min and I don't need a huge stadium set but would be nice to have something that makes it different then just a 30 min set. I do have a crazy mind. Once I had a dream tha foo's played barfly and it was so spectacular, then 3 weeks later I saw them play at a 'secret show' and it was so similar to my dream I thought I'd finally gone nuts! Thankfully the friend I went with knew about my dream and he was like, this is soo weird!
  6. this just made me sooooo excited I squealed a little and scared the children I look after! It's gna be a loooong week
  7. Is it too good to believe the power of reporting tickets has resulted on no listings coming up:eek: there were loads of bidding listings taken down but now none are coming up at all! If it is so wohoo and bring on everyday until Sunday. If ppl have spare tickets they should offer the, up here FREE Now time to play some muse at work and get excited about Sunday
  8. Something like 100 club is what I'm thinking. Barfly would be AMAZING but highly unlikely. And no support act, I want 3+hrs of muse, they can have a 15 min intermission I'm not cruel lol but I want a looooong set, like 30 songs at least, with ones that havnt been played for a loooooong time. Or how about a residency at somewhere like forum/Brixton etc with 1-2 album per night thou getting tickets would be heartbreaking deciding which album night to go to they would have to do quite a few throughout the year but just think how amazing it would be Another band I lurve played whole album from start to finish at Brixton and I went to both nights as they also played songs they don't play often for the fillers, was one of top gigs ever!
  9. I'm super excited about the intimate shows thou also filled with dread at the chance of actually getting a ticket All those hints about intimate shows better happen mr Bellamy....
  10. Iv seen a few taken down that were bidding listings so that must be eBay, but some of the buy it now listings are gone and I hope it was eBay coz one of those listings was for £200 and it makes me sad to think someone paid that Somewhere out there is a simply method to end all this nonsense with tickets. eBay should partner up with ticket sellers so they automatically know the value of the ticket and that stops anyone selling it for more then the ticket price and booking fee. Would be so much easier if greedy ticket companies just let u get a refund easily. I have a friend who has just broken leg in 3 places and no longer able to attend Glastonbury but as its now outside refund window they won't refund it. They said he should have got ticket insurance!! Like he knew he was gna be in an accident and break his leg! They just want as much money as possible. Also my friends now ex bf has decided not to go at all and i dont care that he can't get a refund, I'm just bothered by the fact that there is someone out there that would have loved to go in his place if he could return the ticket. if they made the refund process easier then people wouldn't waste tickets. I could just stop going but why punish myself, better start eating healthily coz I'm prob gna have to sell an organ to pay for next years glas and reading tickets
  11. Yup, but eBay don't really care otherwise it wouldn't be on there at all as ebay could easily make it so it would have an auto stop when the seller puts in price of ticket as £00.00 it wouldn't allow the seller to post it. Only by reporting it can it be taken down
  12. This seller needs a slap! Says only selling to true muse fans link removed [ /url]
  13. http://link removed Says only selling due to other commitments.... THEY ARE FREE TICKETS
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