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  1. They played Stockholm at the LG Arena last year, so I was hoping for New Born too. Not that Stockholm wasn't good.
  2. My daughter loves them and she was 10 on Monday, so you're not wrong.
  3. I posted an image, innocent one of the Ricoh arena stage new configuration and it was modded (and has still not appeared after several hours). How long do they typically take to be approved? Also, the image verification is a pain, I keep getting them wrong.
  4. There is a new stadium map on Seetickets too, shows the updated arrangement. No revolving stage! I've bought new tickets in block 30 row S for £32.45 each, compared to the original tickets which were over £60 each. I assume these were originally reserved for the standers but have been sold as seats instead, presumably cheaper to shift them? To be honest, anyone who's paid £60 and has seats further back will probably be as annoyed as I was.
  5. I had some traction on my second complaint and they've now refunded the ticket costs. I'm going to now buy new tickets. Anyone know why the tickets in block 29 are significantly cheaper, is there any kind of restricted view?
  6. I got this reply: The reason that you have been reallocated is that due to a production change for the event, the stage will be moved forward resulting in your original seats having a severely restricted view. Therefore, we have moved your allocation to an equivalent position, and with no restricted view. This change was unavoidable, as the artist/producers of the event have instigated these changes. We hope this clarifies things further, and assure you that we have reallocated you to the best possible available seats. The only way seats in block 19 row E and block 24 row TT can be classed as equivalent is on price, which is frankly a joke in the first place. There are better seats still available for half the price which is what galls me. I might be wasting my time but I'll send one more email complaining. It does appear Seetickets don't offer the same level of service as Gigsandtours.
  7. I've had the same thing, moved from block 19 row E to block 24 Row TT, which is right at the back corner. I've emailed Seetickets stating that these two seat groups are not comparable and either I would like a new set of seats or to move to block 29 where there are better seats available for £32 when I paid £60. I'll see what they say.
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