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  1. UD in place of TAB? Ouch. I do agree with what alot of you are saying, they really need to mix it up a bit and throw in a few more surprises. I was lucky enough to be at Helsinki when they did Yes Please and Agitated as a last minute change to the set and it was just brilliant. You are never going to please everybody, some people like Madness for gods sake, but I think some stuff gets overplayed (Madness) while some amazing songs rarely if ever feature... I'd love to hear Fury, Ruled by Secrecy or Showbiz but I doubt it will ever happen. Having said all that I was horrified that they didn't do PIB at Manchester on the 8th...but Bliss/Hysteria more than made up for that.
  2. Thank you... Am rubbish at working those out
  3. Three out of four is pretty good then..Handler was a given though... best thing they hove done in some years I reckon.
  4. Sorry, am being really thick but can't work out what TaB is...can somebody enlighten me?
  5. I just don't get why they don't play Defector, it is loud and would get the crowd singing and jumping...it is way better than Revolt.
  6. I am NEVER EVER getting seated at a Muse gig again, the most frustrating experience of my entire life. I appreciate that some people are unable to stand and kiddies can't see if they do stand but there should be designated seating for those people who really have to remain seated and some seated areas where it is ok to stand up. Sitting down for KOC and Hysteria was painful I missed out on standing tickets this time around, they always go so fast and now I know why.
  7. That does my head in it really does, is even worse being stood behind one of those idiots and having to watch the entire gig through their flaming gadget. Madness and UD AGAIN? Why Matt why?
  8. I want Bliss, Handler & Hysteria. Really want Showbiz but know we won't get that. Do NOT want UD, or Madness but can use that time to get a beer I suppose. Wish they would play Defector after JFK..it just flows. Getting quite excited about it now!
  9. Bugger, chances of getting Bliss again on Friday are pretty low then If we don't get that or Hysteria I will feel cheated. Wonder when Matt will realise that most of us hate Madness and Undisclosed Desires? And will we ever hear another closer? Knights is fab though...just happens every gig..although when they did Starlight as a closer it didn't work. Answered my own question there really. Looking forward to it lots even though I am in the boring seats, wish I had waited & got standing, should have known they'd announce more dates later
  10. Absolutely, festival set lists tend to be "greatest hits" you are best going to a proper Muse gig really. And yes, do check out Royal Blood, they were inspired by Muse, among others, and for two blokes they make a heck of alot of noise!!
  11. Seriously, your English is better than most English people's! Hope you get to see them next year & check out Royal Blood too, they rocked last night. X
  12. Brilliant last night, apart from Madness, but hey ho the French seem to love it. Great to hear Supremacy and Apocalypse Please. Sound was a bit iffy where I was but Matt's vocals were superb. But please don't play JFK prelude without following it with Defector though, was a real let down even though I love Uprising. It was so hot in the square and very cramped, the Green Room was much a much nicer environment. Oh and to whoever hid one of my shoes from outside my tent last night...Grow Up but yah boo sucks I found it so NER!. Hurry up with the UK tour lads. X
  13. Your English is pretty darned good, I can't find anything wrong with it! Am so excited for Main Square, travel plans look to be unaffected by the strike now. I am convinced I am going to be the only English person there
  14. Cheers to the lovely French "workers" at Calais for jeopardising my trip this weekend DPDS ferries should sack the flaming lot of them when they take over tomorrow, plenty of migrants camping out over there who would jump at the chance of a job
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