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  1. I'm not planning on getting there for another 6 hours at least, just wondering if people were queuing. But a venue the size of the O2 isn't really intimate is it?
  2. Ticketmaster seem pretty useless Are people aiming for barrier going to be queuing all day? I was hoping I could turn up a bit later seeing as supposedly it's only a 30 minute set.
  3. I was there too and it was pretty awful, also what was going on with security opening the gates then closing them again? It was a shame because we'd queued for about 6 hours but people turned up at 4.30 and pushed through.
  4. What do the people with big coats, bags and chairs do with them once doors open? Wondering what to do for saturday
  5. Thanks for all the info, I'm aiming to be nearish the front so will have to rely on security. Another question; any idea on a good time to get there to be in around the first 3 rows?
  6. Can't wait for this! Does anyone who's been to a gig here before know if we can take bottled water in?
  7. I looked up at one point and saw some glow sticks waving madly so that must've been them, looked like fun! I did also have a lady in front of me recording the ENTIRE show, a few songs and some pictures I can perfectly understand, but is there any need to record the whole thing? Pfft.
  8. Gutted to say I didn't enjoy that quite as much as I was expecting to. It was my 2nd time seeing them (the 1st being Reading '11 ) and whilst the performance itself was absolutely superb I was in seated 103 because we couldn't get any standing tickets. The people around us just seemed so sedate, even through Uprising etc. and it got to a point where many were just sitting down or coming and going. That said it was nice to get a view of the entire stage and Matt looked like he was having a lot of fun!
  9. Completely envious of everyone there, especially those on the barrier. I hope some people from the standby queue manage to get in. I'll be watching from my living room!
  10. I also noticed that of the three rejection emails I received, this was the only one that didn't mention the standby queue. So again if anyone has a +1 spare I'm more than happy to help out!
  11. I hate to be just another desperate person, especially since I don't post on here too often, but if anyone does have a +1 spare... I am more than happy to get there early to queue and will bring supplies (i.e food! ) So desperate to see them in a relatively small venue.
  12. Had an email with 'Muse' and 'tickets' in the subject, squealed out loud on the bus then realised it was from XFM advertising a competition
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