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  1. Most hotels near the Joe are probably going to be a little pricey if they're decent. I'm trying to think of any you could easily walk to from arena, but nothing immediately springs to mind. I love my city (well, I live in the suburbs, but I love being there) , but the only downside to downtown Detroit is that it's not laid out like many major cities (Chicago, NYC, etc) where many hotels are going to be in multiple strips on every street. Here's something to give you an example.




    Really thank you :) !! Yeah those hotels are not cheap....I might need to consider taking a taxi or future gig in Chicago instead.

  2. Too early to ask this now, but is there any good (and not that expensive) hotel near that Joe Louis Arena? I am not familiar with that area, and I will probably go to the gig by myself, so hopefully my hotel will be within walking distance :)

  3. Ah, shame :(. At least I can hear the HD quality on my Mac anyways, even if they won't sound that way on iPhone. I can create the MP3 versions, but that's essentially the same as importing the normal CD, right? Damn iPhone can't even handle Apple lossless, lol!


    I am not sure whether this app keeps the FLAC quality or not, but I put all my HD audio files to iPhone using this app and it sounds amazing to me :)



  4. @chartnews : Billboard Hot 100: @Muse's Madness jumps from #79 to #69 in its 6th week (new peak).




    EDIT : I think muse s'amuse will update everything nicely, but here's preview :) !!


    This week, Madness' chart position on billboard is :

    #69 (+10) hot100

    #1(+2) alternative

    #3(=) rock

    #45(+15) digital


    and Based on first-day sales, prediction on first week sales of T2L is 110-120k, which is slightly lower than that of TR. But it may make a debut as No.2 on billboard hot200, which is the highest position for Muse in the US.




    (Sorry for poor English)

  5. By the looks of things... The 2nd law could go No1 in the UK & US. (No2 in pre sales)


    Not sure about that in the US, Mumford & Sons' new album has been sold almost 600k this week (debut), and I think it will be still sold about 300k next week, while estimate of T2L sales at first week is around 150k.


    I hope I am wrong though :p

  6. "Madness" Alternative Songs chart positions the first four days of release in the USA:


    #34 Monday (Debut)


    #24 Tuesday


    #18 Wednesday


    #16 Thursday


    Source: Mediabase


    If this airplay trend continues, the song should debut somewhere between #10 and #15 on the weekly chart covering number of plays through this weekend.


    The two hottest songs on the latest daily worldwide iTunes chart tracking digital download sales in 57 countries are:


    #6 "Madness" Muse (2nd day of release and matches peak position of "Survival")


    #7 "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" Taylor Swift (Peak #5)


    Carly Rae Jepsen, Flo Rida, Maroon 5, Gotye, and Fun. occupy the top five slots on this chart.


    Thank you for updating everytime !!


    Now Madness is "first" official single from T2L (according to band), so hopefully they will promote this single more than Survival and eventually get higher position on charts :) !!

  7. "Uprising" has re-entered the iTunes download single sales charts as a result of the song being on the playlist for the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. In the USA it ranked in the Top 100 last night and most of today and in the UK it made it back into the Top 50.


    It was the most watched opening ceremony on American television in the history of the Olympic Games (Summer or Winter) with an average of just under 41 million viewers. In the UK it attracted just under 28 million viewers. The worldwide audience who watched was estimated to be one billion.


    At its peak, 45 million Americans heard "Uprising" during the Olympics opening ceremony which beat the 28 million who watched Muse perform the song at the Grammy Awards in February 2011 and win the Grammy for TR. Also, 42 million Americans heard an excerpt of the Muse track "Map of the Problematique" from BHaR played at the beginning of the ceremony shortly before 2012 Tour de France champion Bradley Wiggins rang the bell.


    Thank you for updating :) I found that Uprising also re-entered Amazon Top 10 paid mp3 chart (probably because of discount).

  8. Oh right, yeah after each song finales downloading I get an error message. Boo


    I had to download same song like 6 times because of error messages. From my ipad, if error message has shown even only once, I had to start the whole download procedure again. :mad:

  9. Might sound dumb but how do you play it?


    After bought that video (or bundle), just tap a song title in Muse 360 menu then downloading will start automatically. Unless errors happened during downloading, "Song purchased" description under song titles in Muse 360 will be changed to "Song Purchased and Downloaded". Just tab the song title again and 360 video will start.


    (Sorry for my poor English :$)

  10. Muse and Adele - Chart Longevity Records


    These British acts finish in 2nd place in the race for No. 1 songs with the longest runs in Billboard chart history. Details below:



    Weeks on Billboard Alternative Songs, Title, Artist, Country, Weeks at No. 1, Sales


    57, "1901," Phoenix (FRA), one, >500k


    53, "Uprising," Muse (GBR), seventeen, 2 million Trivia: http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=16299


    52, "Animal," Neon Trees (USA), two, 2 million;

    "Paralyzer," Finger Eleven (CAN), one, 2 million;

    "Feel Good Drag," Anberlin (USA), one, <500k


    Weeks on Billboard Hot 100, Title, Artist, Country, Weeks at No. 1, Sales


    68, "Party Rock Anthem," LMFAO (USA), six, 7 million


    65, "Rolling in the Deep," Adele (GBR), seven, 7 million Trivia: http://www.songfacts.com/detail.php?id=21312


    60, "Macarena," Los Del Rio (ESP), fourteen, 4 million


    Please note among all titles the songs with the most chart weeks are "Savior" by Rise Against which spent 65 weeks on the Alternative Songs chart and peaked at #3 and "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz which spent 76 weeks on the Hot 100 chart and peaked at #6.


    It is also worth mentioning that both Muse and Phoenix won Grammy Awards for the albums which featured their chart topping hits above, while Adele won multiple Grammy Awards for both the song and her album 21, which has sold an amazing 23 million copies worldwide as of July 2012.


    Wow, I thought Rolling in the Deep would be No.1 for that record....but it was LMFAO.

    Anyway, It's good to hear about good news related to Muse, Thank you again :)

  11. In the first four days of release and with minuscule airplay, Survival sold approx 16,000 digital downloads in the USA mostly on iTunes placing it it the Top 20 on both the Billboard Rock and Alternative Digital Songs charts. It sold a few thousand less than Burn It Down and about the same number as Viva la Vida and Pumped Up Kicks.


    IMHO the best covers of Survival on YouTube:





    Thank you for info :)

  12. Chart news for "Survival" in the USA:


    #39 Rock Songs - Debut and Greatest Gainer Alternative Songs (Billboard)


    #44 Alternative Songs - Debut with 136 spins at 34 radio stations (Mediabase)


    #58 iTunes - Peak Position


    Please note this song is apparently not the official first single from The 2nd Law which will be promoted to radio in early August. Also, the chart positions above reflect only about 3-4 days of radio airplay and download sales in the USA after BBC Radio 1 premiered it mid-week.


    Thank you :D Anyway, it entered in Rock Songs chart :)

    I remembered the peak position in the US iTunes was #56 (not that big difference though ;) )

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