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  1. Most hotels near the Joe are probably going to be a little pricey if they're decent. I'm trying to think of any you could easily walk to from arena, but nothing immediately springs to mind. I love my city (well, I live in the suburbs, but I love being there) , but the only downside to downtown Detroit is that it's not laid out like many major cities (Chicago, NYC, etc) where many hotels are going to be in multiple strips on every street. Here's something to give you an example.




    Really thank you :) !! Yeah those hotels are not cheap....I might need to consider taking a taxi or future gig in Chicago instead.

  2. Too early to ask this now, but is there any good (and not that expensive) hotel near that Joe Louis Arena? I am not familiar with that area, and I will probably go to the gig by myself, so hopefully my hotel will be within walking distance :)

  3. Ah, shame :(. At least I can hear the HD quality on my Mac anyways, even if they won't sound that way on iPhone. I can create the MP3 versions, but that's essentially the same as importing the normal CD, right? Damn iPhone can't even handle Apple lossless, lol!


    I am not sure whether this app keeps the FLAC quality or not, but I put all my HD audio files to iPhone using this app and it sounds amazing to me :)



  4. Oh right, yeah after each song finales downloading I get an error message. Boo


    I had to download same song like 6 times because of error messages. From my ipad, if error message has shown even only once, I had to start the whole download procedure again. :mad:

  5. Might sound dumb but how do you play it?


    After bought that video (or bundle), just tap a song title in Muse 360 menu then downloading will start automatically. Unless errors happened during downloading, "Song purchased" description under song titles in Muse 360 will be changed to "Song Purchased and Downloaded". Just tab the song title again and 360 video will start.


    (Sorry for my poor English :$)

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