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  1. In the US, The 2nd Law has been sold 100,315 copies first week and will make a debut as #2 on Billboard album chart. The sale itself declined compared to that of TR (First week sales of TR was 128,000 and was #3), but the chart position is the highest debut for Muse so far Source : http://www.hitsdailydouble.com/sales/salescht.cgi / http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Resistance_(album) Again, sorry for my bad English
  2. Looks like the title of this thread should be changed as "Chart history stats for Muse in general" EDIT : I was joking, but the title has been really changed :O !
  3. There is a small typo in the title :') It's March 4, not April 4 ! Oh and it's Monday
  4. Really thank you !! Yeah those hotels are not cheap....I might need to consider taking a taxi or future gig in Chicago instead.
  5. Too early to ask this now, but is there any good (and not that expensive) hotel near that Joe Louis Arena? I am not familiar with that area, and I will probably go to the gig by myself, so hopefully my hotel will be within walking distance
  6. Sorry, actually I just looked up more and found someone said app also lower the quality It seems this app maintains the quality, but it's $9.99 http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flac-player/id390532592?mt=8
  7. I am not sure whether this app keeps the FLAC quality or not, but I put all my HD audio files to iPhone using this app and it sounds amazing to me http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/capriccio-free-ultimate-music/id434829018?mt=8
  8. :D:D EDIT : I think muse s'amuse will update everything nicely, but here's preview !! This week, Madness' chart position on billboard is : #69 (+10) hot100 #1(+2) alternative #3(=) rock #45(+15) digital and Based on first-day sales, prediction on first week sales of T2L is 110-120k, which is slightly lower than that of TR. But it may make a debut as No.2 on billboard hot200, which is the highest position for Muse in the US. http://www.billboard.com/news/muse-miguel-albums-aiming-for-top-of-billboard-1007972112.story?utm_source=most_recent (Sorry for poor English)
  9. Not sure about that in the US, Mumford & Sons' new album has been sold almost 600k this week (debut), and I think it will be still sold about 300k next week, while estimate of T2L sales at first week is around 150k. I hope I am wrong though
  10. Oh, I haven't noticed it thank you
  11. Oh I think I've missed it Could you give me a link, please ?
  12. Thank you for translation !! Chris' falsetto in Save me ??!!
  13. Not sure about other two singles, but Madness sale is from here : http://www.musicweek.com/news/read/official-charts-analysis-sam-the-womp-top-100k-sales-to-hit-no-1/051529
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