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  1. In the US, The 2nd Law has been sold 100,315 copies first week and will make a debut as #2 on Billboard album chart. The sale itself declined compared to that of TR (First week sales of TR was 128,000 and was #3), but the chart position is the highest debut for Muse so far Source : http://www.hitsdailydouble.com/sales/salescht.cgi / http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Resistance_(album) Again, sorry for my bad English
  2. Looks like the title of this thread should be changed as "Chart history stats for Muse in general" EDIT : I was joking, but the title has been really changed :O !
  3. There is a small typo in the title :') It's March 4, not April 4 ! Oh and it's Monday
  4. Really thank you !! Yeah those hotels are not cheap....I might need to consider taking a taxi or future gig in Chicago instead.
  5. Too early to ask this now, but is there any good (and not that expensive) hotel near that Joe Louis Arena? I am not familiar with that area, and I will probably go to the gig by myself, so hopefully my hotel will be within walking distance
  6. Sorry, actually I just looked up more and found someone said app also lower the quality It seems this app maintains the quality, but it's $9.99 http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flac-player/id390532592?mt=8
  7. I am not sure whether this app keeps the FLAC quality or not, but I put all my HD audio files to iPhone using this app and it sounds amazing to me http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/capriccio-free-ultimate-music/id434829018?mt=8
  8. :D:D EDIT : I think muse s'amuse will update everything nicely, but here's preview !! This week, Madness' chart position on billboard is : #69 (+10) hot100 #1(+2) alternative #3(=) rock #45(+15) digital and Based on first-day sales, prediction on first week sales of T2L is 110-120k, which is slightly lower than that of TR. But it may make a debut as No.2 on billboard hot200, which is the highest position for Muse in the US. http://www.billboard.com/news/muse-miguel-albums-aiming-for-top-of-billboard-1007972112.story?utm_source=most_recent (Sorry for poor English)
  9. Not sure about that in the US, Mumford & Sons' new album has been sold almost 600k this week (debut), and I think it will be still sold about 300k next week, while estimate of T2L sales at first week is around 150k. I hope I am wrong though
  10. Oh, I haven't noticed it thank you
  11. Oh I think I've missed it Could you give me a link, please ?
  12. Thank you for translation !! Chris' falsetto in Save me ??!!
  13. Not sure about other two singles, but Madness sale is from here : http://www.musicweek.com/news/read/official-charts-analysis-sam-the-womp-top-100k-sales-to-hit-no-1/051529
  14. Thank you for updating everytime !! Now Madness is "first" official single from T2L (according to band), so hopefully they will promote this single more than Survival and eventually get higher position on charts !!
  15. Thank you for updating I found that Uprising also re-entered Amazon Top 10 paid mp3 chart (probably because of discount).
  16. I had to download same song like 6 times because of error messages. From my ipad, if error message has shown even only once, I had to start the whole download procedure again.
  17. Finished downloading all videos It's really amazing (Edit : Sorry for double posting :') )
  18. After bought that video (or bundle), just tap a song title in Muse 360 menu then downloading will start automatically. Unless errors happened during downloading, "Song purchased" description under song titles in Muse 360 will be changed to "Song Purchased and Downloaded". Just tab the song title again and 360 video will start. (Sorry for my poor English )
  19. Wow, I thought Rolling in the Deep would be No.1 for that record....but it was LMFAO. Anyway, It's good to hear about good news related to Muse, Thank you again
  20. Thank you Anyway, it entered in Rock Songs chart I remembered the peak position in the US iTunes was #56 (not that big difference though )
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