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    Cave CD 2
    Muscle Museum CD 2
    Muscle Museum US Mix CD 1
    Muscle Museum US Mix CD 2
    Unintended CD 1
    Unintended CD 2
    Random 1-8 EP
    New Born CD 1
    New Born CD 2
    New Born EP (Motor)
    Plug In Baby CD 1
    Plug In Baby CD 2
    Bliss CD 1
    Bliss CD 2
    Feeling Good/Hyper Music
    Hyper Music/Feeling Good
    Origin Of Symmetry
    Dead Star CD 1
    Dead Star CD 2
    Dead Star (card sleeve PIAS)
    In Your World/Dead Star (PIAS)
    Hullabaloo CD
    Hullabaloo DVD
    Hullabaloo CD (soft case)
    Sing For Absolution CD
    Sing For Absolution DVD
    Sing For Absolution (3-Disc Set)
    Time Is Running Out CD
    Time Is Running Out DVD
    Butterflies & Hurricanes DVD
    Hysteria CD
    Absolution (Tour Edition)
    Supermassive Black Hole CD
    Supermassive Black Hole DVD
    Invincible CD
    Invincible DVD
    Starlight (card sleeve)
    Starlight (PIAS)
    Black Holes and Revelations
    Black Holes and Revelations (Tour Edition)
    Resistance CD
    Uprising CD
    Undisclosed Desires CD
    Resistance + DVD
    [Out of space]
  1. Happy birthday for the 9th

  2. I'm looking for the OoS boxset, so if your selling yours or you have found one for sale please PM me.
  3. Thanks, I think i got one in absolution, I might send that and see what happens. Update: filled it in and sent it, now we wait...
  4. Hi every one. (this is my first post). My newest single arrived today and a post card fell out, and i was wondering what happens when you fill it in and send it? Has anyone done it before? ( sorry theres no pics).
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