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  1. People in other threads are saying standing is £71 but Ticketmaster for this gig states £49.50-£82.50.


    The gig is also exactly 3 days before my dissertation is due. Shower of bastards. Think this is the first time since I became a fan I'll be missing them in Glasgow. Silly price, horrendous timing.


    Wtf. That's insane!!

  2. Somehow the volume and treble pots on my Vox amp broke. I know they need replaced but do i have to buy and install the exact same pots for it or can i just install other ones that i can get from Ebay?

  3. Put the link in the image bracket: [/ img] (without the space.) Or click on the little yellow mountain icon up in the top of the reply box and insert the link and it'll do it for you.


    Thanks :)


    What's a good photo website that i can upload them to and copy the links onto here?

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