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    Modern Family, Law and Order SVU, The West Wing, 24
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    Origin of Symmetry
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  1. Don't worry about it! Sounds like you had a good school year, glad to hear :happy:


    Thanks, and I'll let you know! :chuckle: For some reason I've also started collecting quarters with the states on them until I get them all. Thanks! Still... haven't gotten around to driving :facepalm: but I have played a bit of bass and also some drums! I'm sure your internship will go really well, that's awesome you have that :awesome:


    Ahh well hopefully they can figure things out soon. The CFL season hasn't started but Geroy Simon retired a few days ago! I'm sure that even though he didn't finish with the Lions, his number will still get retired.


    Sounds great! :awesome:


    Yeah apparently I think they had 4 seasons and then got canceled on their network. But then a different thing funded them and they made 3 movies, which are considered the 5th season, and then they finished the series off with a few more seasons. Something like that. Since then I've watched Breaking Bad and now I'm starting on some new shows.

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