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  1. Can we take bags into the stadium? Please say we can
  2. I know I'm writing it again but I really need your help. Isn't there anyone who can accommodate 2 people after the gig. My boyfriend and me have no place to sleep
  3. I have one plea. I'm coming to the gig with my boyfriend and we're going from the Czech republic. We'll be in Paris in the evening day before the gig and we're leaving day after. And we have no place to sleep at. So I'm asking if there's anyone who can offer us two places at their homes?
  4. I know I might be the only one here but honestly I can't wait to hear Paramore, i love them. So for me, it will be the best day ever! Plus it's my birthday that day!!!
  5. Fun and Paramore. Biffy is on the 22nd
  6. Is it possible to be relatively close to the stage if I have ticket to gate Y?
  7. Hello. Please check your messages, I've contacted you there
  8. I've found it, thanks. Is port E for standing too? (and I'm sorry for my stupid questions)
  9. Don't you know where I can find map of the stadium to find where port E is?
  10. Hello. I am looking for 2 tickets for standing. Please contact me if you knew about anything..
  11. Hi, I'm girl and I'm 180 cm (and yeah, not the thinest person, 75 kg) and I would like to buy All Saints shirt, but I don't know if I had to choose M or L..? I don't like super tight shirts, I like when they're a little bit bigger. Can anybody help me?
  12. It's open for everyone here on the board. I will not refuse anyone from here. I just don't want this idea goes around the twitter. Also because the communication with people on twitter would not be as easy as it's here. Thanks to the forum, it's so much easier for me to communicate with people who want to join
  13. 1. I don't think shipping is that big problem. I ordered few things on ebay and the shipping was 10 dollars. I think it's not that much 2. Yeah, I totally understand you
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