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  1. Thank you guys! I love you :*

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijf9HasU8OM Chris really had problems with his harmonica. Something was stuck inside of it and he was trying to pull that thing out. And I've read that Chris had back problems in this performance. He suddenly felt sudden pain in his back and then went off the stage to have a quick massage. In that time Matt didn't know what to do, so he just improvised with his guitar. I didn't notice this when I was there.
  3. Wow. I think I became a festival maniac! ;D I want to attend festival once again! I'm looking forward to Coke Live Fest in Poland. and Muse will be there!
  4. Wow what a great performance! I just loved that! First everybody were waiting for them sooo much and Muse were a little bit late. Those sound guys were joking... They just turned off background music and everyone thought that Muse are coming but they just turned the music on again and lough their asses off in the backstage seeing us like "WTF!! WHERE'S MUSE?!". And they did it like 3 or 4 times. Some girl from Latvia just grabbed on me and we almost made it to the barrier. She was hanging on me because she didn't want to be pushed away from the stage. Yeah, we had a great time. The setlist shake was unexpected. After USoE they said something like "Now we'll play song from album that we haven't played for a while" and i was shouting "SUNBUURN!" but then when I heard Matt warming up a little bit with melody of Cave I understood that it will be Cave. I loved those orgasmic girls around ;D And I loved one guy that sang with me Nirvana's School when Muse were playing it and after that "NIRVANA!" In the early morning of the 2nd day (Like 5 am) I heard Muse soundchecking on the main stage and I couldn't sleep in my camp because of that I heard them playing Neutron Star Collision then so I thought that they'll play it but they didn't. I was hoping to hear Bliss and before one song Matt played something similar to Bliss intro. Chris had problems with his harmonica. One note was just stuck. And he smoked pipe at that performance. That was absolutely great!
  5. happy,happy 18th b-day! :kiss:

    Enjoy the show at Positivus. ^^


  6. Well I don't know. I don't want to make it and I don't want that musers would gather around my friends' tent 'cus I'm the only muser in our company Could someone else do it? Then I'd find it
  7. I'll miss you so much. :supersad:

  8. Just 3 days left!!!!!! I'm going on Friday. Don't know exact time but I guess we'll be there by 5 pm. We're five: 3 guys and 2 girls. And we're leaving on Sunday. Could someone bring acoustic guitar to that festival that we could play some Muse during our free time?
  9. I was thinking about taking my guitar to the festival and then play Muse all night long near my camp... Or make some kind of sign "Musers unite here!" and then we could play and sing some Muse before seeing them live! What do you think about that? And what do you think about that "Special Appearance"? Who is going to be that special guest? I wish it would be Thom Yorke and Johnny Greenwod just like in Glastonbury `10. It would be sooooo awesome!! Oh... And by the way: it's my 18th birthday on July 17! So seeing Muse live will be the best present ever... And don't forget me, guys. I'm willing to hear you congratulate me on my birthday... If you have any present ideas, don't be shy
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