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  1. Le Zenith, Paris 2001 (Hullabaloo) Glastonbury Festival 2004 Wembley 2007 although Eurocks 2001 sounds good (I love Matt's guitar fixed with masking tape )
  2. mm yeah.. I don't think so.. he wasn't with them from the beginning.. although he shouldn't be so hidden ! I was watching a rerun of the SNL show, and it was funny how they made close ups of Morgan !
  3. At least 30STM is not at the top (as for Right Now) ... seriously why? Libertines yeah! they need more work together... anyways.. voted for Muse
  4. yeah it was very obvious Muse wasn't going to win.. as you all have said, popularity contest... seriously did someone voted?
  5. YKYATM when you see a pair of trousers and you didn't even liked them that much to begin with but buy it anyway because they remind you of the suits matt wear at interviews and stuff.. (and im a girl!) i wore them to work yesterday and felt very musey also YKYATM when you're at work searching stuff at Bloomberg but every single time you have to think of muse because there is a constant reminder saying "MUSE" at the bottom of the page (It turns out Muse is like the name of their Culture and Arts section) :LOL:
  6. oh my dad said they are actually pretty good, and liked the resistance album... and my mom well she's not a great fan, the other day I listened "Undisclosed desires" like 20 times in a row and my mom later told me, "oh i'm so glad you stopped listening to muse for a while (cause it is normally too loud for her) and i was like mooom IT WAS MUSE !!! but well at least she now likes one song hahaha
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