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  1. Yeah, story about that girl......... I used to like her at the beginning of the year, for like a month, but I gave up because I knew I wouldn't have a chance, at all. Well all of a sudden my friend sees her at BOTB and says, "hey, she's kinda hot." And next day he texts me that he's got her number and all this shit... Blah, life's a bitch sometimes :indiff:


    Anyways WHOA! Party sounds massive :cool: Poor little girl, damn no one tried to stop her!? :chuckle: Haha who did the people get sent home by? Was this chaperoned?! DRINKING AT A CHAPERONED PARTY?!?! :eek: Haha dammit, school wasn't too bad. Had my English final which consisted of writing two essays and lots of grammar and vocab testing, not too bad. But you! UGH! Cuddling with a blanket, I wish I could (SS) :'( too bad it's a furnace in my house and I dare not do that! Tan though, I could step outside and get crispy brown in a second :facepalm: I hate hot weather :mad:



    So beautiful :'(




    Oh btw; I think I found my old MSN account from awhile ago, I believe the address is, "handjobhector@hotmail.com" Hit me up :pimp:

  2. Thats awesome! :)


    The party was sooo much fun except a few people drank a little too much and got sent home hahah including one of my friends who had never drank before and chugged basically a whole 2/6 of Russian Vodka. :facepalm: Stupid girl. Anyways, I hope you're having fun at school. I just got up and am cuddling under my blankets looking out at the nice weather and wanting to go tan or something. :chuckle::

  3. Ah Jonsi! <3 Everything he touches is magic! And How to Train Your Dragon makes it that much better! :happy:


    So my school had Battle of the Bands on Friday, and all but 2 bands blew, HARD. But man, this band blew me away, and then they invited this girl I know on stage and SHE BLEW EVERYONE'S MINDS WITH HER VOICE!!!!! So it's my song of the day!


    Skip to like 5:45, that's where she begins to sing.


    So whassup! How was your party?! :eek:

  4. Oh so my song of the day?



    yeah I just had to share how much I love Jonsi.

  5. Tell (her tonight) about your day! :happy:

  6. Summer will be great, regardless of summer school. Ok let's get this straight, you don't like 90 degrees?!... Come on! It's barely 20 c here. The party on friday is at a girls house whose house is on the beach and we are all camping out in tents in her yard, all 100 of us. It shall be a blast.



    My day was pretty chill and consisted of tutorials and youtube videos. How about you?

  7. We all do, damn... I literally cannot wait, summer is always brilliant. My birthday, Arizona, cousins practically everyday, I haven't found a job so that means more free time, NO SCHOOL, beach, friends, movies, ETC...!!! What are you gonna do for your summer? :happy:


    Oh gawd, regardless, I AM going to take summer school, which is absolute hell... There's no way I can be admitted into Chemistry without summer school, which is complete fail on the school's part. Dammit, I was just gloating about how awesome of a summer I was going to have :'(


    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! It's 90 degress (F) and it's complete hell! I can't step outside without being burned on the spot! :eek: Really, you have it extremely well. I hate this hot weather, I mean, it's good for a beach trip, but damnnnnnnnnn. CARDIGAN LOLLLLL! Sorry, but we have an inside joke about cardigans... do you guys wear them for school or.... WELL HEY! Those shorts sound :cool: What's goin' down at your party? :D


    mmmmm what a great day :( Today I had school and tried to talk to my counselor because they totally screwed up my entire schedule for next year but apparently she wasn't in, aka, ignoring everyone. So now I have to go back ughhhhhhhh the bitch :mad: Haha my life? Well, I have 16 years I could fill you in about, so any specifics you'd like to hear about? :) AHHHH DON'T WORRY! Exams are difficult and stressful, I wouldn't expect you to be hanging out and talking 24/7! STUDY VICTORIA STUDY! :p Hey, if you wanna talk about this, "crap" girl you know I be chillin' on deez boards and Facebook, HIT ME UP! :pimp:


    -best use of loquacious I've ever seen-



  8. Sorry for my late response, I am so scatterbrained lately. I need summer.


    Okay so although I have never taken summer school I have a few mates who take it to bump a year in math and they say it is hell... I don't want to ever have to go endure that. I sure hope you don't have to either, seeing as you're far too NOT daft for such illogical schooling. :phu:


    Oh my gosh, 32 degrees sounds lovely. It wasn't too bad out today, rather warm but still cardigan temperatures. I made a pair of shorts out of thrift store levi's which are so awesome, and I really want a legit opportunity to wear them out! Maybe for my grade party on friday night... Hmmmmm I hope it's a warmish night.


    I did examination bullshit and then lazed around my house in a nighty all day. :chuckle: How about you? Although I doubt you're still up since you're an early bird and such. Tell me about your life whenever you see this, please. Sorry I haven't been so talkative lately, I just have a lot of crap going on and once summer hits I will be far more lax and less lame and far for loquacious.




  9. Sorry for the late response, I've just been for a run (and I'm ashamed to admit I'm quite winded :()


    Oh Lordy Lord, I'm really sorry about your situation, and it's because of the missed days, isn't it? Damn, well same goes with me and Biology, I missed quite a few days and instead of giving me points for my absent work, he just checks off that I did it and gives me no points at all. What an ass :rolleyes: OH! That's an idea, perhaps I can take an online summer course! Let's hope to God! Otherwise, I'll be stuck with all the idiots in a summer school class :eek:


    YES! SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE! But the weather already signifies it, it's been almost 32 degress out here! :'( I wanna move to Canada...


    OK! How was your day forreals? What'd you do?! :D

  10. Well I found out that I am going to have to re take PE 10 because I took challenged it and didn't take the first aid, and all the online summer courses are full so I have to take it NEXT year, which is aggravating me. I am so done with school as well... I seriously need summer, asap!

  11. Ok so remember how I had a D+ in bio? I

    Got it up to a solid C now, but the school fails to recognize it this late in the year and decided to place me in Physical Science, the lower version of Chemistry! FUCK NO MAN!!!!!!!!!!! So now I have to take 3 weeks of fucking summer school to qualify for Chemistry and ughhhhhhhhh!!! I'm so done with school now! :mad:


    Ok, enough of that, how was your day? :happy:

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