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    Every Cd, all albums on vinyl, sunburn single, Haarp, Hullabaloo, Absolution Tour.
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    3/18/10 - Toyota Center Houston TX

    10/9/10 - Austin City Limits Zilker Park Austin TX
  1. Just got the GREAT news that the brilliant person who bought my tickets, bought them for section 103! WOW! I AM LITERALLY SITTING BEHIND THE STAGE! Now, I'm in hysterics because the one thing that I've been waiting almost 3 years for (I was already let down by this person for not getting GA tickets) I WON'T EVEN GET TO FUCKING SEE.
  2. I won't be camping out, but I'll probably get there around 1! I don't have GA unfortunately but I still wanted to get there early and meet people!
  3. Cool I was at the Houston and ACL show too.

  4. Well, being a texan Muse fan myself, I wanted to make a thread for all of the others out there. As we all know Matt said himself, "Texas is our favourite state." Anyways, I thought we could discuss past, present, and future Muse gigs, meetings, cover bands, other Muse related antics in Texas. I've been to two gigs so far: 3/18/10 - Houston 10/9/10 - ACL Both amazing concerts. (ACL was better...!)
  5. well hello sister :")

  6. That happened to me as well. It was my first muse gig, and as you can expect I was very excited and I wanted to meet them BADLY. So I waited about 4 hours before the concert (they did not stop) and 3 after, til about 1 a.m. and went bar-hopping. Their car didn't stop, but Matt waved at us and Dom gave us the peace sign. Chris just sat there but that is to be expected.
  7. Hi Tom! I was wondering if I could talk to you about sending the guys a DVD of Gustav Holst's The Planets, performed by the Houston Symphony (as a sort of christmas present lol). I've tried to give it to them two other times, but I guess they just weren't in the mood to stop and talk to fans. It's o.k. if it's not possible, but my father plays in the symphony and it's just such a great piece, I think they would really enjoy it. Thanks!

  8. just stumbled across this with the caption "Butt Plug Baby" Ummmmm..... what??? Am I the only one who thinks this is a bit, what should I say, bizzare???
  9. No it was a gig in Houston, but I guess a lot of people had the same idea.
  10. You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying. Stranger: hey You: Muse Stranger: awesome band You: i luv yuuuuu Stranger: love you too! Stranger: hhahaha You: http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=77092 Stranger: my favorite song by them is unnatural selection on the resistance You: you should look at that Stranger: listen to it You: i know all the lyrics You: great song by the way Stranger: hahaha Stranger: are you going to post this on that thread Stranger: ? Stranger: you should You: u betcha Stranger: hahahha You: listen to showbiz You: plzzz You have disconnected.
  11. So lucky! did you catch one? at a muse concert i went to a girl had a sign asking for one and he threw it to her, or did you just get lucky??
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