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  1. This song is like a lot of Muse somgs for me on the first listen. I wasn't even sure how to follow along. But it definitely draws me in by the middle of the song.


    After playing it on the road with good car stereo, I like it. A lot. It's different. But it has plenty of elements I love about Muse.


    For those saying it is too layered... fair enough. But I like it this way. It starts off slow and builds into a lot of sound that beings me back to 90's videogame nostalgia. The organ perfectly reminds me of NHL94, and the whole thing is like Donkey Kong Country's soundtrack. I personally think the robotic "Huuu-mannnn" fits perfectly.


    Not sure I can put this song in my top50 Muse songs, but I like it. Interested to see how they'll play it live.

  2. I'll let you off for that since you've only seen GL once, but trust me, it sounds the same every time. There's no such thing as a better or worse performance of it.



    Well, in Indiana 2011, Matt sung "Crushed, lost..." instead of "Lost, crushed..."


    Such a huge difference :LOL:

  3. This is the first time I've felt underwhelmed by a Muse release :(. I loved what they gave us of the actual gig, which was awesome (apart from all the flippin kissing :confused:) but it's let down by a lack of so many songs - and inclusion of other casual-listener-friendly ones. The bullshit reason for excluding Unsustainable is something I'll never get over :phu:


    The set could have been so much better, but even as it was I don't understand why they cut so many songs - it ruins the experience because it feels like big chunks are missing.


    'The Road' was all right but a bit short and didn't show the band behind the scenes or in sound check/rehearsing, which is what most fans would want to see, imo. I know it's in that Twitter clip but would've been good on the DVD.


    The biggest crime, though, is the CD. Firstly, why change the order round so Hysteria is earlier in the set? It's inconsistent with the DVD, which is just annoying, lol. Second, it's too short. The length isn't too different from HAARP, but I don't remember that bothering me too much last time - it just feels like they're being WAY too safe about the selection of songs. Excluding Unsustainable on there as well is taking the piss really - it's like they're afraid we'll visualise Charles in our minds by putting it on there, so they wanted to scrap it altogether :LOL:


    Anyways, the performance and quality of visuals was great but setlist and cutting songs is still disappointing.


    Agreed. Also, for the CD, why not include songs that were cut from the DVD? Feeling Good, Guiding Light were on the DVD because of the visual accompaniment, and I understand that decision... but they didn't need to also be on the CD. Give us Blackout instead of Guiding Light, and ANYTHING instead of Feeling Good on the CD, and maybe I would have a reason to take it out of the package.

  4. As mentioned previously, the skip/jump is to do with the layer change on the DVD. So itll be present on all versions.


    wow, that's absolutely appalling if true. completely ruins the performance. You would think they would be able to know how to time that to happen between songs, not in the middle of the only guitar solo in the most popular song on the DVD... mind boggling


    At least it doesn't seem to happen on BluRay. But I'll be returning the DVD for sure. They should have put Dead Star as an extra, the 4 minutes or so would have pushed the skip to 2 minutes later! haha

  5. Anyone with the DVD (not BluRay) notice the skip in the middle of Madness? I thought I just got a bad disc, but exchanged it for a new one at Best Buy and it skips in the same exact spot. This doesn't happen on the BluRay version I have, but I bought DVD because my car plays DVD 5.1 ...


    If they sent a batch that is defective, that not only sucks for us, but will suck for sales as well... for example, I am returning mine tomorrow for a full refund.

  6. yeah i just noticed how off-topic this became :LOL:


    aw nice! What gig did you see assassin at? Slightly jealous. For me I don't even know what I'd pick MM and Showbiz are there for me too.. Fury, Hyper Music are there too


    It's not our fault, it should probably have been locked when the gig ended, no?


    Saw Assassin at Bill Graham in San Fran (in my signature)... was my first full Muse gig, and probably the best setlist to this day.

  7. Ok, you're on the floor the second night ? I'll listen your record when I'll come back home (not for today...), thank you for what you're made !


    I think I'll made a multicam if no one made one ans if I find good videos ;)


    Nope, I was where Matt likes to say "in the back" for night 2. Don't worry though, sounded brilliant.

  8. I love the Dead Star ended the set, and then Starlight was next for the encore. Kinda of cool the way that worked out. EDIT: nevermind, IS --> Uprising followed it... my mind is in the gutter, Dead Star messed me up real good!



    Everyone ignored my actual point/question:


    Given the chance to successfully request ANY Muse song, some of you would make that request Assassin?


    Mine would personally be Hyper Chondriac Music (sp?)... I actually think that would be immense live when all is said and done.


    But Assassin was amazing live when I heard it. I would actually LOVE to hear Exo-Politics live... I think they could make it sound brilliant after a little rehearsal time. But of COURSE Muscle Museum is near the top of my list, as well as Showbiz.


    I've been a Muse fan a long time, but I haven't been a visitor of these boards for AS long...can someone explain to me when and how did "Dead Star" become this holy grail? What is it about THAT song as opposed to so many other great ones, that makes this the coveted one? I love it too, but I am curious to the history of how and why THIS song resonates with the fans to this massive degree?:)


    I am kicking myself for not going last night!!!!!!!!!



    Because it just sscreams all the best parts of Muse (heavy riff, Chris kicking ass on backing vox, awesome synth in BG, guitar solo, not terrible lyrics, great vox by Matt....


    I don't think anyone claims it is "the end all be all", but I think lots of us fans want to remind Muse that USA fans do know their old stuff, and want more of it, because it kicks ass.

  10. Audience recording, not IEM. It'll sound pretty damn good though. I am gonna bet there will be lots of multicams made of Dead Star... not sure about the entire gig itself. I may or may not make a multicam "Best-of" DVD for all the songs I heard on the tour though.


    I did record both gigs. Night 1 had some talkers around me though, so not sure how it came out.

  11. There WILL be a bootleg of this. Look for that in a few weeks or so, I'll update here with links. For now, enjoy an MP3 of Dead Star :D


    Feel free to use it in any multicam project, but keep in mind my bootleg will be higher quality than this mp3. I just figured I would post it for people to be able to hear it now, rather than wait until I process the whole bootleg.




    This was my 30th Muse gig, and first time hearing Dead Star. I know all about the campaigns that were done, and the fact that Muse played it in Toronto night two. But that night they played it early in the set, so I thought there was almost no chance to hear it. Then the roulette wheel landed on green and I knew exactly what was up. Those clever bastards! (Not that we all didn't think of it first and post about the green slot being dead star all tour long)

  12. Up until now I thought the roulette was rigged to play... Stockholm-New Born-Stockholm-New Born... one night after the other. Is this the first time it lands on green?


    What an unpredictable moment! I was hoping they'd play 'Citizen Erased', but I was still amazed with 'Dead Star'.


    Well, it is stilled "rigged"... they picked the video to play, and then they play the song that they had on the setlist already. But it is awesome that they made it land on green tonight and then actually played dead star. After they played knights, with no dead star... i thought i wouldnt get it. But in the back of my mind I thought "those bastards WOULD pick tonight to land on green... maybe... 0.5% chance..."


    Then when the roulette thing was having "technical difficulties" at the start, I had a gut feeling that it was a hint that it would land on green, and be dead star.

  13. Time is Running Out, fits the situation :LOL:


    And even the crowd's singalong is still shit.


    People need to stop hating so much on the crowd "sounding like shit"... the crowd isn't mic'd. well it is, but the mics seem to be placed / mixed weirdly, which is why you hear individuals singing rather than as a whole.

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