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    The boeshang peninsula, 51st century
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    U2, Linkin park, the fray IDK anymore.
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    The Matrix, Twilight, Star Wars, Harry Potter
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    Doctor who, torchwood,Dream team, NCIS, Top chef,
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    Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson, Veritas project, Twilight Harry Potter
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    Black holes and revalations, The resistance.
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    Raliegh, NC (supporting U2) (BEST CONCERT EVER.
  1. Captainjackharkness


    Pre-ordered the album a few days ago, does anyone know if I'll get Mercy as a free download as a part of that?
  2. I'm alright. *Late reply is a year late despite being 3 weeks late late*

  3. Ah, I get called it for having my hair over half my eye and because I used to wear a wrist band

  4. I went 'round singing the emo song.

  5. Same, how come they call you Emo?

  6. They call me Emo 'round school.

  7. Cools. I've not been good...but theres nothing wrong with me its family.

    Ive posted a few DW stuff on dA... but not a lot.


  8. Do you visit much? I actually have NO DW stuff up. I should put my TARDIS demotiv up! :D I've seen you around, I think.

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