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  1. I was D aswell, didn't think it was that bad was right next to the catwalk but then again I was only there for night 1 so can't really compare it anything, didn't really have any good view during TAB though
  2. If your getting a taxi just leave when they start saluting the crowd, I was out and the front of the que before it got hectic, taxi in about 15 mins. Was tempted to get tickets for tonight when I was there. My heart says they'll do something special. My head says they won't. Gonna say PIB, hysteria, sunburn and SS
  3. Don't get me wrong it was still good just couldn't make out some parts, otherwise than that zero complaints (apart from spewing my ringer outside before hand) band had great energy, still buzzing over citizen erased. I dunno why but I thought we already had too many songs to get TAB aswell so was a nice surprise
  4. Just back in the hotel after the gig...up there with one of the best I've seen ( 7th time) buzzing we got bliss CE SSE and TAB, band seemed really up from it aswell. Lol sorry when matt was n the wrong mic right in front of me. Onyx downside is though was the variation in sound quality. At times you couldn't hear the guitar over the drums, the guitar over the bass etc etc but all in all fantastic gig and great setlist
  5. Aye I'm totally the same not fussy at all on your, given that there are a few decent sets played thus far out there it can happen but so easily with muse it can be the complete opposite aswell. I remember back in 09 at the Secc word was Mk Ultra would get its live debut but turned out to be the next night in Belfast I think. One of my all time favs aswell but never seen it live
  6. I don't mind DI so much it still don't know why it isn't in the madness slot anyway, I'd even take aftermath over madness tbh. Yeah I'll be gutted if we don't get TAB either especially with having the chance to go on the Monday aswell but decided against it having seen the US sets. I think one of the Brussels nights, could have been Paris had the best set so far bliss, CE, AP and TAB
  7. I will be pretty devastated if I get the UD, resistance piano song on Sunday. I havnt seen CE since 2004 so will be fairly happy if that turns up, got a bad feeling though, can only imagine if they do rotate more songs over the next 2 nights at London the first night in Glasgow may be doomed
  8. I don't belive the first nights will always get worse sets, Amsterdam night 1 wasn't bad, cologne was good (I know it was only 1 night but..) even Paris night 1 in contrast to Brussels night 1 wasn't as bad as it can be. I'm at Glasgow on the Sunday so I'm remaining optimistic...
  9. Got my tickets for Glasgow this morning and although I'm mega excited as always still not sure how they can justify he tickets prices. Yes, production will be taken to a new level so to speak but I can't help but feel like I'm going to be disappointed already. I predict that the production will be spectacular and out of this world but I know the set list will still probably be around 18 songs with only a few rotations. Of them songs if expect Revolt to be a staple and worries of what song that will replace as we know they won't get rid of starlight, Tiro etc. Hopefully I'm totally wrong and we get more songs and the best gig of my life but I'm staying reserved
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