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  1. After 20-odd years of buying gig tickets (I know, I'm old ) I would agree with this. After the mad rush of 9am has passed you quite often find tickets available later on, if people's payments haven't gone through etc. Don't give up and keep trying :-)
  2. I've just logged in to O2 Priority to check and it says tickets are on sale at 10am for Manchester. There is a "waiting room" for the London dates but it's still saying 10am for those too.
  3. Tyke69

    48 HR Merch Sale

    Does anyone know if the 2013 tour programme will be back in stock at all? My daughter really wanted one but we didn't have chance to get one at the gig in Manchester.
  4. That wasn't my experience I'm afraid, I was on Level 2. We tried to stand up but the stewards kept telling us to sit down, so we spent the whole of the gig sitting down It was my daughter's first Muse gig and she is too young to go into the standing area so we had to get seats, but at every other gig by any band I've ever been to we always stand up even in the seated area. I'm in my 40s but I like to enjoy myself at a gig and we seemed to be surrounded by middle aged people who didn't know the songs and there wasn't much atmosphere. I did enjoy it, but not as much as the other gigs I've been to. Someone suggested to me that maybe the stewards were more used to working at football matches, where you have to sit down. Somebody should have told them you don't do that at concerts
  5. I'm on the Gigs and Tours mailing list and I got an email from them today which says they are having a presale for their subscribers tomorrow, so if you've bought tickets from them before check your email.
  6. Got seated tickets in block 202, well happy as I couldn't go and see them on the arena tour. It will be my daughter's first Muse gig The only thing that bothers me is that on the Ticketmaster seating plan, block 202 is behind the stage, but it wasn't on Gigs & Tours seating plan, so I don't know if we'll be behind the stage or not, anyone know?
  7. Thanks for finding that out for me, brilliant I've booked the hotel already so fingers crossed we manage to get seated tickets next week now!
  8. Yes it is! Does anyone know if under-14s will be allowed in? My daughter loves Muse so would love to bring her to this. Will have to wait until the seated tickets go on sale though, what a shame we can't get them in the presale
  9. Photos taken from block 227 on level 2. Only had my compact camera with me, wish I'd taken my proper camera as the stewards didn't search my bag! http://s519.photobucket.com/albums/u352/Minerva695/Muse%20Wembley%20Stadium%20Saturday%2011th%20September%202010/?albumview=slideshow&direction=reverse
  10. But some of us prefer to have a seat for the changeover in between bands, and when you're in the seated section and everyone stands up, you don't get people in the way spoiling your view or crushing you! I was in Level 2 left of the stage and we all stood up as soon as Muse came on, we were all dancing, singing and clapping and we weren't missing out at all. We certainly weren't "sitting on our arses". I was on my own last night and it was another reason I chose a reserved seat, so I could go to the bar or whatever and not lose my place.
  11. On the train down from Leeds now :-) Stayed up too late last night so I'm knackered already! Really looking forward to it but worried I won't be able to get back to Kings Cross after the gig, the last tube from Wembley Park is at 00.19 and I've got to get from the other side of the stadium first. Can't believe they don't put extra tubes on - up here at Sheffield Arena they get on the radio for extra trams until everyone gets home. Come back to Sheffield please Muse ;-)
  12. I'm in block 227 row 3 too and I'll definitely be standing when Muse come on (probably for Biffy too). I'm 41 now and my days of standing on the pitch for hours are over, I always book seats for gigs now but I never sit when the main act comes on, the seat is just for the boring bits in between bands
  13. I chickened out in the end and went for Wembley *runs away and hides* Purely because I'll be going on my own and I want a seat that will be mine for the whole day! Also all the hotels I'd tried in Manchester were already full. I had 5 tabs open and just kept refreshing them manually. I've got an on-screen confirmation so hopefully it has worked, just need to wait for the email now. Has anyone ever had the on-screen confirmation and then not got a ticket?
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