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  1. Going to be strange seeing them in a stadium close to home, only other local-ish gigs I've seen them at have been TINY (Teignmouth and Exeter anyone?). Very curious to see how Ashton Gate will do as a venue...
  2. £88 for standing in a smallish venue is honestly a joke, charity gig or not. Likely won't get better than the small Exeter gig, which was sold at a decent ticket price. Hope those that are going aren't let down by morons voting for common songs.
  3. I've been a Download goer for a little while (since 2010), opted out due to the line-up this year and just went for Saturday The big thing here - People who are Download 'veterans', who are 'metal as fook' and listen almost exclusively to that kind of music are saying that Muse outperformed Slipknot. That doesn't get said lightly. Seriously. They were on another level last night. In my opinion, when Muse play that kind of riff-centric, rock heavy, headbanging set - there is no band in the world that even comes close to them. I've seen this band a lot, just like most people here, and I'd put that setlist right at the very, very top. Even above them playing Muscle Museum in Exeter a few months ago I also think Mercy is one of their best live songs right now. The Handler was huge, but Matt's mic either cut-out or he didn't bother with the aiaiaiaiaiaiaaaaaahhhh (seemed a bit of both from what I saw?), best performance of Micro Cuts ever, the punch on that New Born riff... still feeling that today... Citizen Erased. MASSIVE shout-out to the sound guys and Download's set-up by the way, that was the best sound at a gig I think I've ever heard. My jaw dropped at the sheer brutality of the New Born riff and Micro Cuts chorus. The sheer notion of Muse not being heavy enough for Donington is flat out stupid, especially when Judas fucking Priest will be leathered up playing recycled 80's crap tonight (sorry JP fans... there are many reasons I'm not in the camp-site right now and JP are one of them ).
  4. My thoughts. They're long. Sorry!
  5. First time my jaw has dropped to a Muse song in a long, looong time (i.e. in a good way, it's dropped many times with contorted faces of disgust).
  6. I don't think you should paint a lot of people with the same brush. Many of us listen to a huge variety of music (Muse will always be dear to me, but I've seen hundreds upon hundreds of live bands across genres, personally speaking), and aren't just hater drones that you think we are. My issue is that the song doesn't make sense and is extremely frustrating. They're playing a load of intimate venues with an incredibly rock-centric setlist, talking about how they want to go back to 'basics.' They're playing Psycho and Reapers live, they're pulling out rarities and hyping the shit out of everyone as they remind us how incredible they CAN BE AND ARE. ... and this is their response? Please. Valid criticisms. OoS and A are long gone, but don't work the shaft then give us blue balls.
  7. I probably do appear a little bias, admittedly. But I did see Muscle Museum performed literally 2 days ago, so forgive me if this is a little hard to palette.
  8. Trying to justify bad songs because 'it flows with the concept album' is absolutely ridiculous, you guys know that right?
  9. Guys, let's not beat around the bush, it's shit. Sorry, but it is. It's really shit. BUT it doesn't have dubstep in it. So it's fine.
  10. I have to say, of all my times seeing Muse - this gig was the most surreal and undoubtedly one of the best (overall) I have ever been to. Queueing from 6.30pm, getting incredibly close to the front and seeing them just metres away having the time of their lives in a tiny venue in Exeter. I still can't quite believe it happened, to be honest No wankers in the crowd (where I was, anyway), no surge, Muscle Museum, incredible acoustics, Muscle Museum. Although - one thing that made me cringe - one girl in the queue was stood behind us with her clearly Muse fan male friend who was trying to get laid, and, she said (exact quote) 'I only know like 2 Muse songs, what's the one called that has black hole in it? Special black hole?' I wanted to hit her. I REALLY wanted to hit her.
  11. After seeing last night's setlist I cannot stop smiling... I'm so hyped. Â If any of you guys see a group of 6/7 - come say hi. My parents are going, my brother and sis, my friend from London, the girlfriend. It's like a Teignmouth gig reunion
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