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    I've lived in Jersey my whole life and I think its a beautiful place to live!
    I love all my friends, they mean the world to me!!
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    Jersey C.I
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    Gap Year Student
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  • Favourite Bands
    Muse (haha)
    Dog Fashion Disco
    Polkadot Cadaver
    Less Than Jake
    Breed 77
    The Offspring
    The Creepshow
  • Favourite Films
    Die Hard Quadrilogy (1st is the best!)
    Da Vince Code
    The Hangover
    Angels and Demons
    POTC Trilogy (though confirmed to becoming a quadrilogy :o)
    Sleepy Hollow
    Jason Bourne Trilogy
    ..some more but i wont bore you
  • Favourite TV Shows
    Fawlty Towers
    Life On Mars/Ashes to Ashes
    'Allo 'Allo
    CSI New York
  • Favourite Books
    The Black Magician's Trilogy by Trudi Canavan
    Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult
    Harry Potter books (6th and 7th are the best)
  • Muse Releases Owned
    All their debut albums
    Absolution and HAARP DVD
    Recently received a Knights of Cydonia Vinyl for my birthday :]
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    Stockholm will be my first Muse gig.
    Being on a remote Island makes it difficult to attend as many concerts as I wish ;P
  1. I am so sick of all the twilight fags claiming that they love Muse just because Stephenie Meyer likes them! She says they have inspired her but when does Muse once talk/sing about Werewolves and Vampires?! I have read the books and the only possible similarity is that she utilizes the word "newborn"! Dont get me wrong, the books aren't bad, the way their written isn't really to my taste, but the film...! Its an abomination. Kristen. Can't. Act. Okay :] Rant over
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