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  1. Does anyone know if there is a recording out there that I'm missing somehow lol? Thanks in advance
  2. Well im a little late to the party posting here. so excited to hear sunburn but i will not stop going to Muse shows until i hear bliss lol. Anyone else trying to make their own bootleg of sorts off youtube videos while waiting for a real one(hopefully)?
  3. Yea I saw the schedule for a non lockout season but if there is one it will be more condensed so idk. But I'm sure as you said they would have a contract of some sorts.
  4. So any news on if the NHL lockout ends will this change the date? That's prob why I'm gonna get the Chicago tickets. I'm a big red wings and NHL fan and not way the NHL is gonna let a concert get in the way of scheduling games if the lockout ends. The joe is really small as well so is up pose there will be no bad seats.
  5. huge U2 fan as well so.... i like this song a lot more than most it seems. and come on guiding light was god awful studio and live. at lolla it made me regret camping out the whole day lol. not really but the exaggeration makes my point
  6. Skream and benga is real dubstep....there I said it. I just consider the drops in follow me and unsustainable drops. Big brassy drops by a full band within the context of a full rock or alternative band
  7. i like chris and all and hes an awesome musician but dont think he has a strong enough voice for solo album. while i dont love his two songs, it seems i like them more than most people. nice change of pace, plus if he starts working solo it might slow muse down.... cant have that
  8. dont know why i voted this early but it was between panic station and isolated system right now. but i fuckin love isolated system. its beautiful tbh in my opinion anyways. (does no homo still fly?)
  9. good news even my least fav. song survival isnt as bad as Guiding Light. This album just seems so much stronger overall and def. loving Supremacy and Panic station
  10. i see then. i myself dont care if its excellent quality or whatever. my eyes are starting to hurt from watching the videos so much though lol. i will patiently wait for the finished product.
  11. i never heard of APC and i now know why. i thought they were absolutely awful and boring to be honest. mini piano was the only good thing about it. i actually thought White Lies where good but im a big fan so biased there. i love their sound actually. and Delta Spirit was amazing as well so agree about them and the vaccines.
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