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  1. I know we've heard Gaga's songs a lot, but I'm sure this either be a special spin on a Gaga or Muse song, or a new song, probably off her new album (Maybe theres a collab on Gaga's new album that we don't know about :eek:)


    Point is it won't be the same as just one of the two performing some huge hit. Muse would have just played Uprising, Resistance, or UD anyway, and theres plenty of pro-shots of all of those. I'd rather something different and a Gaga collab would certainly be different


    Yeah, in all seriousness, I didn't care much for the Grammy's this year until I heard this. It'd be interesting to see, at least.

  2. This could be really interesting and makes me want to watch for sure.


    It'd be much better than playing a song we've heard 10000 times before


    Yeah, but we heard most of Gaga's songs a thousand times too. :LOL:


    I think it'll be some uber-combinaison of we've-already-heard-this-a-thousand-times: a mash-up of Feeling Good and Po-po-po-pokerface.

  3. Just started, it's going well. I'm letting my imagination run loose, it feels so liberating. :happy:


    I did 948 words so far. Gotta do at least 1,852 each day if I want to make it.


    Is anyone else having problems with the site?

  4. I'm in :happy: Saw I could do it in French, so yay, I could not do it in English.


    This is an excellent writing exercise. My current novel in progress will not have any attention for as month but I had writer's block anyway. This will provide a fun distraction.


    I'm going for a totally unplanned story. I'mma start with a character and do something about life. Write like I have verbal diarrhea. :awesome:

  5. (I'm late for my comment, I was away for the week-end.)


    I am disappointed. The set was like exactly the same. Everything happened as it happened during Montreal. The bracelets where cool though, but that's not the group's doing ;) Anyway, that and we had the most horrible seats ever, the row juuuust before the very very last one at the top top top. And we bought the tickets like last Spring, but it was my mum's friend, and she got us such crappy tickets. So we had a wall blocking our view when we stood up, and almost everyone around looked grumpy (because of the crappy seats, I suppose). Oh well, I had fun, I went crazy even though my disappointment, but still... I should have kept my money for another band.

  6. Well, not trying to be rude but, then why even comment? :p


    I mean, if you would think the setlist was good no matter what they played(almost), then what does it matter if you think the setlist is good? It doesn't really mean anything :p


    I'm bored and have anti-conformist urges that makes me disagree on whatever the general opinion is...

  7. Yeah, I'm not saying the tracks are bad, I'm just saying it doesn't make a good concert. And I'm saying that Muse could so easily do MUCH better. Yes, NSC is fun to sing along to, but is it fun enough to replace a song like CE or Bliss?


    Yeah I get your point. It must be that since I rarely go to any concerts, going to one makes it very special and enjoyable for me. So even having this sort of setlist makes me very happy anyway.

  8. What IS a bad setlist to you?


    I don't think half of those tracks are boring. Even NSC (don't flame me, I'm sure it must be ossum to shout along to it like crazy fucktards).


    But that's just me, I don't take them seriously, I'd just enjoy the gig with all those people jumping around.

  9. Qu'est-ce que vous pensez de l'idée d'un genre de levée de fond? Quelqu'un saurait comment s'y prendre pour que ce soit sécure et tout?


    @Ionnas: Bah c'est sûr! T'es sur mon FB! :p Pis en plus c'est marqué "Québec" sur ton profile alors... :chuckle:


    Je sais :facepalm:


    Pour la levée de fond, ça je sais pas, je suis incapable d'organiser quoi que ce soit. à part les trucs qui servent à rien.

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