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    I dont care i dont need to put MUSE, but besides them Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, The Strokes, The Killers, Avenged Sevenfold and more :)
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    StarWars!!!!!, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Zombieland, Almost Famous, Batman, Back to the Future and more :)
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    The Big Bang Theory, Adventure Time, Dragonball Z, The Simpsons, etc...
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    Muse News
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    Origin of Symmetry
    Absolution Tour
    Blackholes and Revelations
    The Resistance(CD+DVD)
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    San Diego Viejas Arena 9/22/10 :/
    but hope I go to 100000 more!!!!!
  1. Happy birthday! :happy:

  2. really hard to make one, but this is kind of it, but I used 21 songs , but anyway, if they could play ALL of their songs it would be even better... We are the Universe (intro) Uprising (extended) Kaoss Jam+Supermassive Blackhole New Born+riffs(including Yes Please) Map of the Problematique+Who knows who(riff)/Invincible Bliss(extended) Falling Away With You Interlude+Hysteria(People of the Sun Intro)+Back in Black(outro) Citizen Erased Piano Interlude+Sunburn Unintended Glastonbury intro+Butterflies and Hurricanes Muscle Museum Adagio in G minor+Resistance Unnatural Selection(extended) House of the Rising Sun(intro)+Time is Running Out+random riff Starlight Plug in Baby Blackout Stockholme Syndrome+ the greatest riff session ever (including Dead Star,Micro Cuts,HyperMusic and others... (encore) Take a Bow Man with the Harmonica+Knights of Cydonia+Space Dementia(outro) (then I will meet them backstage and we all become best friends, and travel with them on the road)
  3. Matt's Kamikaze goes wrong. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FRAuZWcWGQ Comment and subscribe .
  4. Muscle Museum: Intro( turururururururu) Showbiz: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!(SUPER FALSSETO) Space Dementia: Intro Hyper Music: Super base line Citizen Erased: outro Micro Cuts: Fu#@ing crazy chorus Screenager: the keybooard part Feeling Good: fuckin fucking fucking fucking fucker yea!! Megalomania: the final part (matt screaming) Dead Star:Chorus Sing for Absolution:Chorus Stockholme Syndrome: THIS IS THE LAST TIME I ABANDON YOU!! Endlessly:Chorus Thoughts of a Dying Athesist: yea yeayea yea waywayaw (you know what i mean) Ruled by Secrecy: the strong piano part The Groove: when matt screams Wao!! Eternally Missed: YOU CAN RESISTE MAKING ME FEEEL!!! Take a Bow: BUUURN IN HELL YEA YOU BUURN IN HELL Supermassive Blackhole: Glasiars melting in the dead of night... City of Delusion: the base destortion part and the trumpet part Craying Shame: intro Undisclosed Desires: Chorus United States of Eurasia: i really love the fast verse when you can here the strigs Unnatural Selection: prechorus and chorus (OCEAN)!!! MK Ultra: Intro I Belong to you: Matt's woow!! ofcourse Cross Pollination: chorus (OMG:eek:) Neutron Star Collision: the verse that is kind of KoC (from the other muse songs i dont really have a favorite part)
  5. Escape, Blackout and maybe Thoughts of a Dying Atheist
  6. I remember the day after the first Teignmouth gig (September 4) and I saw some videos of the gig(The first time I heard Resistance, Undisclosed Desires and Unnatural Selection) so I was really excited that day, so I went to my friend's house (he is a Muse fan too) and there was a girl,( friend of his family), we were singing around very crazy and we decided to go to the theather, so we started looking for movies; we were reading the plot of one of those movies and we read the word "Resistance", so we started screaming like kids, the girl that was there maked that same look:facepalm:(but now she loves Muse too:D)
  7. I was on a Guitar Center and I was using my Muse shirt and then there was a guy and grabed a guitar and start playing Plug in Baby, and I was like OMG WTF BBQ!!! ,so we play some other songs and then he there was a magazine and he said "look" and there was the Black Midi Manson on the front cover:)
  8. We are going to viejas arena :D

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