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  1. Yup, a buyer came in for the entire set. He's meant to be collecting it all on Wednesday, but if it falls through I'll give you lot a shout again. Cheers for the interest
  2. I was trying to sell it as a collection but for the right price I'd be willing to sell just the boxsets. Doesn't seem like much more hassle to split it that way. Get in touch if you'd like to make an offer - that goes to anybody on here Courier seems to be the way to go for postage, Royal Mail's prices are extortionate once you go above 1kg.
  3. It's with a heavy heart that I'm having to sell all of my Muse singles: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/330936438753 In that listing there's the Showbiz box set, Origin of Symmetry box set and Absolution box set as well as the UK versions of the Black Holes & Revelation and The Resistance UK singles. Hopefully they'll find a good home and help me and my girlfriend towards buying a house!
  4. My collection is mostly made up of the CD singles. http://www.musecollectors.com/collections.php?userid=1233 Sadly having to sell it off now but hopefully it'll find a good home with another Muse lover http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/330936438753
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