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  1. Lebanese Muse Fan?? :eek:

    And registered to this board??!! :eek:

    tcharrafna :D

  2. Evidently, I can send and receive messages. It got to do with the option mikey mike talked about.
  3. When I send a PM, it's not showing in the "sent items" list.
  4. All is going well, thanks for asking. :)


    Did you get my PM, btw ?

  5. Hello. Hope your day is going well :)

  6. Muscle Museum : When the lead guitar melody kicks in at 0:55. Plug in Baby : When he reaches the climax, 2:40 till 3:10. City of Delusion : When bass melody kicks in at 0:43. Take a Bow : the whole crescendo throughout the song. Citzen Erased : The Intro. Time is running out : BURRRRRRRY IT ... I WONT LET YOU BURRRRY IT .. I WONT LET YOU SMOTHER ITTTTT .. I WONT LET YOU MURDER IT... AND OUT TIME IS RUNNING OUTTTTTTTTT .. AND OUR TIME IS RUNNNNNNNNNNING OUTTTTTTTT ... YOU CANT PUSH IT UNDERGROUND... YOU CANT STOP IT SCREAMING OUUUUUUUT ...
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvKBbEzBIHM The first 22 seconds of this song.
  8. LOL. I actually thought you were trolling, until I saw the FAQ thingie.
  9. I've tried tinkering around the User CP, but to no avail.
  10. No effin' way ! I personally know more than twenty muse fans, out of which 2 avid fans. If you're basing your conclusion upon this forum/thread's Lebanese participation, take notice that those who actually register to this forum must be : 1- Familiar with message boards (a rarity in Lebanon. People byefroz rasson "Feysbouuk", "Em ess enn", and nothing else) 2- Have heard about this forum. 3- Must be hardcore fans to bother registering. Also take into account that Muse is a very well known band, and theres tens of thousands of casual Muse listeners (those who don't know more than 4-5 tracks for them) .. and most of them are willing to go watch Muse if they come to Lebanon. It's not like we're talking about some obscure band. Furthermore, bands like Placebo and Franz Ferdinand performed in Lebanon and their concerts fully sold out. Muse is at least as known as Placebo, and definitely more famous/known than Franz. We only need a decent sponsor, as i pointed out in my previous post written in latin arabic. Cheers.
  11. I'm a Nancy Ajramer . Was just rocking out to "Min Da Elli Nsik" .
  12. Bedna Muse bi Lebnen. Kess ekht hal balad, ma fi sponsor metl el khale2 yjib Muse ya3mlo concert ? Shatrin yjiboulna khara metl Akon, 50 cent, w Tiesto.
  13. Cheers from Lebanon. A very small minority of us will register and post on this board, but Lebanon has a huuuuuuge Muse fanbase. I certainly HOPE they do a concert in Lebanon.
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