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  • Birthday 05/11/1975

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    I met the love of my life in muse chat. "sexiest male muser of 2009" Although I didn't need voters to confirm what I already knew. THANK YOU MUSE, I WILL BE FOREVER GREATFUL!

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    Roleplaying games, (dungeons and dragons), I also enjoy ghost hunting and searching for the truth to many mysteries. (ETs and such).
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    Sales of nutritional suppliments and vitamins. I love being a "healer" and helping people get healthy!
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    MUSE MUSE MUSE! Also, Grateful Dead, Classical, Green Day, Beatles, Diana Krall, Pretty much a mishmash of everything. :)
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    Interview with a Vampire I could watch over and over again. I also like all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The Princess Bride is my absolutely favorite movie.
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    I don't watch TV much. I watch Ghost Hunters or any other paranormal show when I get a chance.
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    I love the classics. Recently read Wuthering Heights. Love Tennyson's poetry. (Lady of Shalott *sigh*) I am currently reading Anne of Green Gables with my oldest daughter. I also read alot of sci fi/ fantasy. I recommend the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. Also read all the Twilight books. Loved them!

    My only problem is I read too fast, and as soon as I start reading I can't stop. It can get expensive. ;) I can devour a 800 page novel in one setting! lol..
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