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    Stephenie Meyer (she's why I'm here); Jane Austen; Shakespeare; JK Rowling; Anne Rice
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    All the regulars. Would like to get my hands on the Feeling Good/Hyper Music & Deadstar/In Your World EPs.
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    13 Dec '09 - KROQ AAC
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  1. So Mark Cuban is to blame!!! (I know it's petty, but it feels good to direct my anger at a specific person!)
  2. Ditto to all of that! (oh except the NorCal part--I live in OC) My daughter's birthday is May 15th, and I am so unbelievably bummed that I didn't get tickets. It would be the best birthday ever if I can get her in! Trying again tomorrow, but after today I feel like my chances of finding someone with an extra ticket is as good (if not better) than getting them myself. Best of luck to you... Sharon? (Hi - I'm Laura, nice to meet you) I hope we both get to go with our kids!
  3. Yep! Already seeing fb posts from folks all over the US and other countries that are going. But not me. No love for SoCal. I know we're supposed to hope that all the tickets went to real fans, but I'm kinda hoping there's still a way for me to buy my way in--even if it is from a scalper. Not sure how that would work, but scalpers find a way I'm sure.
  4. Hello good Musers. Just pokin my head in to say "WooHoo!" as I just got my ticket. Couldn't do the 3-day, so I've been carrying a lot of anxiety about how hard it would be to get a Single Day when they became available. Apparently not that hard. haven't read around the boards much - has anyone organized a meet up? Would have liked to see Coldplay too Yes indeed!!!
  5. Thank you! I'm doing good. Hope you're doing ok as well!

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you're doing well and you have great holiday season & New Year!

  7. I'm doing good, thanks! Just working. I have a monotonous office job, so nothing exciting happens. I need to find a concert to look forward to!!!


    I hope you had a great birthday. I saw on fb that you worked, but I hope you at least got a nice dinner and relaxing evening to end the day!

  8. Thank you! :)


    How are you been doing since the meetup?

  9. HowMan888 Mike - you are seriously the bomb diggity!!! That is awesome that you got to meet the band--and great of you to get the flag signed for us! So glad I had the chance to sign it. Thanks Alice for starting it all, and Thanks Dallas for taking it to the Huntington Beach meet-up! Happy Travels wonderful Muse Flag!
  10. Happy Birthday Cris!

  11. Headed to a concert tonight with such lethargy! It's so hard to be excited knowing it will pale in comparison. Must. Lower. Expectations. I think it's just too soon. I'm not ready to move on.
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