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  1. Seriously....those are some crazy song titles (cross pollenation). Which is your fav sounding track name>> :D x

  2. Dead Star or In Your World... which would you pick?? x

  3. mmm I would still consider it! I feel that I have missed out on so much already. I remember when I started liking them they were a small band that hadn't really headlined any festivals! So who knows?? One Day...

  4. Argh I just saw another trailer for the Muse RAH DVD damn you cruel world!!! I can't bear the waiting! :mad:x

  5. Hey have you heard anymore about the muse RAH DVD?? Should be awesome! I can not wait any longer lol! Bring on Muse 2009 :D x

  6. lolomg the song could brainwash us to carry out the orders of Muse :D be so funny! The french love song one sounds like it could be an endlessly or unintended

  7. The resistance is epic!!!

  8. the whole of the demo?? some of the segments on youtube are only 50 secs long? What was the link again?? x

  9. Hooray 2009! Hopefully Muse's new album comes out soon!!! :D xx

  10. Ha I was looking at the leaked song titles...some funny guesses there! But animal farm and big brother.... terrible! x

  11. Very nearly christmas!!! Can't wait to open my presents!!! x :):p x

  12. I can't wait so close now!!! I hope that you enjoy your christmas as well and you ge lots of cool presents!!! :musesign::xmas: xx

  13. Hey thanks for the add! I'm counting down the days til the Muse RAH DVD comes out!!! That would make a swell christmas present lol! well... actually Muse themselves (not necessarily gift wrapped) would make a nice present!!! :musesign: x

  14. Hey do you know why the new album is being called the Resistance?? It sounds like another one of Matt's obsessions with aliens and conspiracy theories! Crazy or what? I so hope the album is out soon!!! :D x

  15. Hey I'm new (well sort of)! Just wanted to know if you would like a coconut flavoured liquorish jelly bean?? :)

  16. Hey Matilde long time since we last chat! How are you doing?? How good is your german by the way?? :p xx

  17. I had this amazing idea... Muse should play their own festival where they can play EVERY song and choose their fav bands to support them! Man that would be awesome x

  18. The original?? Which one is that lol! *trawls through muse merch*

  19. I want some Muse goodies for christmas lol! I found that Black jacket that Matt wears on the Wembley DVD!!!:musesign:

  20. Erm google it and I think it should be on a site on page 4?? worth a look for about £30!

  21. Well I got these random sweets from Japan about a year ago and they have the weirdest flavours! Thats a lot of gigs you've been to... I envy you lol! :)

  22. Hey I got your friend request! :) I love the film 2001: space odity! So what's your fav Muse track at the moment??:musesign:

  23. Seriously.... I wish!!! Na I think last I heard there are only about 3 in existence! One of Muse have one, some guy got one at an auction (prob cost alot) and I think Dom's ex girlfriend has the other! I know that there are versions on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcvuRTiVHnw&feature=related


    and theres more just take a look ;) hope that helps!!!! xx

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