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  1. Where are you? I'm bored.

  2. What time do they usually go? I am SO bored it's ridic.

  3. Guess who's going to the Ukraine? :awesome:

  4. He's playing Minecraft or something ridiculous. Very boring.

  5. Oh, lol thanks!

  6. jazz

    all jazz

  7. Haha, long story.

    Once there was epic beef between KitnTab and Banter and somehow my avatar was brought into it and a KittenTabber added Paedo Bear in the background. I've no idea why! :LOL:

  8. Yeah it was originally just me but Paedo Bear has been there a while now. :D

  9. tiem to sleep.

    viewing printable version. lol.

    dork <3

  10. :awesome:


    How are you my lovely?

  11. You have a face!

  12. Hah, that's just Sip I think. :chuckle: I don't think so. Surely not!

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