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  1. Not at all, I really liked it.

    I used to have a bebo skin with those little donut dudes in it, I just thought it was a random thing someone made - they are so cute!! :D

  2. how is it that we are not friends on here?

  3. Hmmmm interesting.

    I was over last year. Le sigh. :(


    How are you?

  4. Merry Christmas Kaddy! :)

  5. I'll be around for the rest of the afternoon I'd say, I've an essay to finish.

  6. facebook is shit.




    jeez! lol

  7. No problem! :)

    Are you on msn?


  8. Did you have reason to be?

  9. Don't worry about it.

  10. where the hell are you?

  11. Ooooh!

    Sorry! I got a load of random adds from people I didn't know so I just hit block on most of them! I'll sort that out now! I didn't do it intentionally.


  12. OMFG do you know Bellamy?!

  13. I will txt you!!

  14. Hah, I have no idea? I think it's meant to say "nip". :LOL:

  15. Hah, <3. Yes, that would be it.

    Success. Most ridiculous PM ever.

  16. It depends where you want to visit! The north is cheaper than the south as we are still with the £. Are you coming to visit? :awesome:

  17. Hey, no problem at all! :D

    Do you have msn? (I sound super sleeazy!) lol

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