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    Natalie Portman stood on red carpet


    2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party was hosted by Graydon Carter at Sunset Tower in West Hollywood, California. Natalie Portman attended the party. She stood on the red carpet in a strapless dress, a pair of black heels. The peep toes of the Heels of Natalie Portman made the ensemble prettier.

  2. Karinaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Mah Friend Now =o


    i wanna be ur friend

  4. duuuuude when i saw these a while ago in a thread, i was like - they're brilliant, seriously! i don't understand why people are calling them "childish", they're literally a work of art.. keep up the amazing work, for real, they're fantastic
  5. Then she doesn't deserve to listen to Muse . . .
  6. :LOL: that's funny, cause they're completely opposite of depressing for me . . . definitely lighten up my day! they're depressing for some people because those people's brains can't comprehend and appreciate great music (e.g. the people that say High School Musical is really good music ) so their brain overloads, and they become depressed cause their minds are too slow/uneducated to enjoy it. as i say, more for us!
  7. haha have i got a list for this topic! I just ran across a Facebook group titled "I hate Muse" (i know you shuttered at the thought of that, forgive me. Here are some direct quotes: "I saw muse live a few years ago, before they really hit the big time... matt bellamy was so far up his own arse Im suprised he could still play the guitar!" "consider that their singer has zero talent (right before he voices anything you hear that huge gasp for air? talentless.) their music consists of simple minor chords against a shitty synth loop."
  8. :LOL::LOL: well all i have to say is, the people that don't like them don't deserve to listen to them! MORE FOR US!!:musesign::musesign:
  9. When I played Hysteria, my friend asked me if it was supposed to sound like that . . . the guitar part . . . (i will get new friends, dont worry)
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