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  1. hello to you, too!

  2. Would you mind if I named myself another of:

    Muse's Co-Ambassador to the cornfields of Indiana?:D

  3. :D Two new episode of Scrubs tonight!
  4. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!:party::party:

    Oh and this is a tad late, but congrats on the B in the class, doing that with two months of it missing takes mad skills

  5. It's so funny listening to Twilight fans argue. These are from my english class: "The movie was sooo stupid! I mean, vampires can't even FLY!" "..maybe they were running fast?" Twilight is one of the very few things in this world that I'll always hate.
  6. India(the places I've been) are kind of the same as what you've described, minus the corruption. The second non-relative people realize I am from America(which is pretty fast:$), they treat me different. I swear they crack jokes behind my back. There is probably corruption in India, it'd be likely. I wouldn't know about it, because I have never actually lived there.

    Yeah, there seems to be a large technological gap between India and the developed world. You always seem to see a portrait of India being technologically advanced and rapidly growing, but they only show a small percent of the country. The vast majority of the population do not have broadband and aren't nearly as rich as us. Water must be boiled before use, hot water is a pain to get, and dial-up is still the main internet source.

    Oh, and crossing the street is like Frogger sped up 5x:LOL: There are no rules of the road.

    There are many who are MUCH worse off than that. Like, living on the streets there make US hobos look lucky. I mean, people here get welfare and all. over in india(and maybe the philipines), poor people subsist only on the generosity of those who give, if lucky.

    India, the philipines, and the other 3rd world nations could have been so much more if the european nation that conquered them helped out. I don't know if they did, but it seems as though they just picked up and left.

    But anyways, finals are OVER!!:D, I'm done thinking for the day:happy:

  7. You should try and go to japan sometime! :DMy friend went there last year as part of a japanese exchange trip and loved it. He even decided to move there after college.

    The only thing keeping me from graduating as a junior is the AP thing. I want to load up on AP courses in high school so I can skip college classes.

    India is lovely. It takes a while to get used to if you've lived in the US your whole life. Everyone's a lot nicer and respectful, even the strangers. I've actually never really been outside of the city(Kochi), but it's pretty cool there. There's no trash pickup like we have here, though, so there's a large trash pile not too far away from where i stayed(that's only in Kochi, though). But it's pretty different from the US, though not in a bad way. I've never been to a temple, but I've been to the marketplaces and taken too many long train rides there. Long train rides are amazing, because you get to see the untouched country side and rice paddies

    It's really hard to explain:LOL:, it's one of those places where you have to stay for a while to truly understand it. In my entire life, I've been in India for a total of about 4 months and I only just started to learn what makes the city so darn loveable:happy:

    It truly is a real-life example of the phrase, "don't judge a book by its cover"

    How are the Philippines?

  8. My dad came to america thirty years ago as a college student, so he knows english quite well. But there are those few times where he literally doesn't know what to say. He's at the point where he can mix malayalam and english together comfortably.

    My whole family can speak english relatively well, but only because the schools they go to require english as a second language. So I consider myself lucky, because if they didn't, every trip to india would be hell:$

    Have you ever done one of those japanese exchange trips? Some of my friends did it last summer and love it

  9. I live in Indiana, USA. It would have been on, but there was a strike mid-season last year, so that messed everything up. The last season was cut short and the next one is being moved to a different network, so currently the only hope i have for watching scrubs is through the internets:shifty:

    Where do you live? I should move there so I can watch scrubs in peace every day:D

  10. :eek: I'm envious, they stopped showing Scrubs here. I have to wait until the new season comes out to watch.:(
  11. o, i forgot to ask: can your Filipino side of the family speak english? If not, that must be tough!

    My uncles and aunts got annoyed when they found out I know more spanish than malayalam:$ has that ever happened to you?

  12. I know a bit of Malayalam. I can understand a little bit, but I know a grand total of 3 words. one of which I think is hindi. I can comprehend what people say most of the time, but I can't actually speak it.

    Oh no, :LOL:, it wasn't bollywood style, though it WAS a bollywood song. There wasn't enough time to choreograph(thank god!), so we just stood together and sang a song about love and butterflies.


    Yeah, once this semester is over, I'm going to celebrate like never before:D

  13. Yeah, but I was like, 8 at the time, so I just went with what was on Now That's What I Call Music (#) at the time. What are they at now? 25?:LOL: Luckily, I grew up and left that phase when they started doing Kids Bop. THAT would have been embarrassing.


    I'm a sophomore, I know, cultural immersion is the only way to actually 'get' spanish. You may be able learn how to read/write spanish well, but you won't know how to truly speak it until you go to a spanish country. I am kind of afraid of going to Mexico, there was a businessman from Indy who was killed by a drug cartel a year ago.

    We had a guy from Peru come over and speak to us last year. He kinda looked like Patton Oswalt, but with black hair, glasses and mad skills at guitar. Cool guy:happy:

    I tried taking a Malayalam(my family's native language) class two years ago, but it was just too different than anything I had done before. Plus, the class was poorly organized and met twice a month, so I got nothing out of it but an embarrassing singing role at an indian thing. So, basically my failure at malayalam is a running joke in my entire family.


    Ouch, you have finals worse than I do. I only have to take finals in all of my courses(except spanish, thank god for skip-a-final!) and give a persuasive speech on how you can't blame video games for violent crimes. I totally won that speech. I'm not sure if the class was laughing at my cheesy jokes or my hastily put-together speech, though.

    I'm waiting for Friday, I want this semester to be over with so badly.

    Good luck with your papers!

  14. I love it when that happens. Whenever I rediscover an old song, it brings back memories. Of course, when the song is like, NSYNC, I'm pretty much a mix of these two --> :stunned::$


    I'm in 3rd year spanish, but I'm not close to being fluent. we had an listening exam the other day. The recording was rapid spanish, and i was just like,:supersad: I only understood a few sentences the first time through.


    Yeah, listening to Queen before soccer has become an official routine for me. It's a great way to loosen up before a practice/game. For me, at least :$


    I actually haven't seen a lot of monty python, which puts me in the minority of my school. They were a huge thing two years ago.

    Flight of the Conchords sounds good, I'll have to check it out this weekend. Can't do it now, as I have....finals this week:(

  15. Looks like your friend knows you well!


    I've been meaning to get some Tenacious D and Queen music for a while to check them out, but i always forget:$


    yeah, i actually have both of the arctic monkeys albums. I was quite into them last year, but I don't really listen to them anymore, except for when they pop up on the "random play all" feature of my mp3 player. I think I actually listened to them so much that I grew tired of the singer's voice.


    Do you understand Japanese? I've heard of Malice Mizer before, I watched a video of "beast of blood" on my friend's iPod. i dunno if it was the official music video, but it was very weird. The song was pretty good, though. That's all I know of them.


    I didn't know Flight of the Conchords was a musical duo, I only knew they had a TV show. My friend told me to watch it, but I don't get HBO. Are they good?

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