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  1. 20 minutes sounds about right if you're driving.
  2. Lets hope so. It wasn't too bad when Jamiroquai played last year.
  3. Just got back from Wembley. The show was great and everything, but the whole experience just could have been so much better if they'd thrown in some rarer stuff. Still happy, that I went, but propably won't be seeing them again any time soon. Oh, and the moshpit at a muse gig was kind of unexpected..great fun, though.
  4. Maybe we're blinded by the awesomness of the TZ7
  5. Unfortunately a friend of mine can't go to the concert so I've got a spare ticket for this. If anyone is intersted, then PM me or write to sander_valk@hotmail.com.
  6. I ordered mine in the presale (I think it was in November..?) and got one ticket today. I had to make two separate orders but actually the ticket, that arrived today, was the one which was bough about a week later that the two others, therefore I don't believe the delivery process depends on the date of purchase. Hope this makes some sense;) Could be wrong, though.
  7. Just received my ticket, although on TM's website it says they're in the process of being printed:LOL: Hopefully my two other tickets will arrive today or tomorrow. Oh, and they really do look quite nice.
  8. Generally, enjoyable gig thanks to Bliss and surprising opener, but yeah only 16 proper songs is bit of a let down, though those (unspontaneous) jams/riffs make it up a bit. Oh, and people around me were nice, good crowd! Anyone knows if there are some more photos of the night in Finnish media?
  9. No hexagonal screens indeed. Gig was good, I'm glad they are finally mixing it up a bit, though opening with Resistance (without any intro) was pretty odd, imo.
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