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  1. Yes, my university and the IEP of Rennes had an agreement, and one of us (argentinians who are studying in my university (universidad nacional de quilmes) at my career (sociology)) can make an exchange for a year... as there is no one of as who can speaks well on french, there is (at least for the moment) no needs to be bilingual, so we'll have sort of very intensive preparations in french for the first days (i migh wrote very bad, sorry). I could give some spanish lessons for french tips anyway I'll try to tralsate that to french Il y a une accord entre ma universite et le IEP de Rennes. Le etudants pouvons appliquer pour une bourse d'échange pour le année. Is n'ont me demande pas de être bilingue (?), mais je vais avoir des cours de langue intensifs tout le année Muchas gracias ^^!
  2. oo, mercy beaucoup, c'est une bonne posibilite, je peux être à London pour one petit vacances les jours avant le concert. j'avais planifiée aller en train, très intéressant por l'experiénce, mais c'est très cher (?) if you can mark my french mistakes, that would be very helpful, haha... thank you very much... muchas gracias!!
  3. comment ça va... sory, i'm going to write this in english, as my french is not good (i mean: it is worse than my english, i speak spanish) I'm going to be on France for a year from august (yes, and i can't barely say "je suis argentine"!) and i'll bought a ticket for the leeds festival anyone knows what is the best-cheapest way to get my body into this concert from paris or nantes? (i'll be on Rennes)
  4. loco, CITIZEN ERASED. Como dijeron ahí, uno esperaba uprising, una así para abrir y seguir cumpliendo con U2. Pero no. Salieron. Ruiditos... ...AND... ... TUM TUM ............ TUM TUM ...................TUM TUM CHAAAAA RUCHAAA CHAAAN TU CHACHAARUUUUN I have no words. And I think they stole the night. U2 was right, but yesterday, the were the fuck.
  5. Last time U2 played here in Argentina i went to the stadium the same day at 14hs, and i went to the inner circle... i think it was closed for new people 17:00 or something like that now i'm so NOT going to do the same thing, i saw muse in 2008 at the first place in a small theatre two times playing some of their best songs in a tour of one of my favourite albums...
  6. As i read in a u2 blog a week before, u2 is going to do 3 shows at la plata's stadium, 30 marx, 1 and 2 april... maybe we can get 3/31, muse in luna park stadium... i don't know, by now muse is a very popular band in south america, 2 years ago they played two sold out concerts here in argentina... in 2003 i remember being almost the only one who liked muse... they could headline a big festival very easily (sissor sisters and mika did it!)
  7. You can have all the money of the world, but you will never have that energy at the concerts. And it was a smaller theater, with all the people standing!
  8. En perú dicen: http://www.terra.com.pe/terrastereo/noticias/mus27002/muse-sera-telonero-u2-sudamerica-2011.html En chile dicen: http://www.humonegro.com/noticias/muse-vendra-a-chile-como-telonero-de-u2/ OH SI
  9. YOU MUST SEE THIS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c32oP0JCg9A
  10. knights of cydonia, buenos aires, teatro gran rex, 04/27/2008 hear the people singing at 2:50 it´s incredible
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